InSitu Biologics Release: Company Non-Opiate Painkiller, AnestaGel, Found Superior In Preclinical Tests

ST. PAUL, Minn., Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- InSitu Biologics, LLC ("InSitu" or "the Company"), an emerging drug delivery company focusing on development of new and proprietary treatments using its Matrix BioHydrogel, today announced results from recent pre-clinical studies for their lead product, AnestaGel.  AnestaGel is a long-lasting and long-acting non-opiate painkiller, targeted for use in peri-operative regional pain management.

In a series of independent tests performed under GLP regulations, comparing operative site injections of AnestaGel and EXPAREL® from Pacira, Inc., AnestaGel was proven to last longer, and provide a greater analgesic effect than EXPAREL.  In a separate test that determines the PharmacoKinetic(PK) effect for the painkiller bupivacaine, which is used in both AnestaGel and EXPAREL, bupivacaine was proven to be released from AnestaGel into the blood up to 96-120 hours after injection exceeding the presence of bupivacaine in the blood from both EXPAREL and straight bupivacaine injections.  

"As we had hypothesized going in to these studies, we expected that AnestaGel would perform very well when compared to the non-opiate products available today," said Dr. Jake Hutchins, Director of the Regional Anesthesia Acute Pain and Ambulatory Surgery division at the University of Minnesota, and the Pre-Clinical Study Director for InSitu Biologics.  James Segermark, CEO of InSitu added, "Early on we believed that AnestaGel could be tuned to act as a short-term reservoir, essentially a non-pulsatile organ, and that is what we have now verified and validated.  We look forward to the next steps that will bring this predictable, very long-acting, non-opiate product to patients that face the prospect of post-surgical pain."  The Company believes that AnestaGel could be used in three distinct markets for peri-operative pain management that represent nearly $31 billion in annual revenue in the US.

AnestaGel uses a novel approach to delivering sustained-released analgesics into the target tissue via the Matrix, which is a tunable, biocompatible, and pH neutral platform.  This allows AnestaGel to provide target site-specific, non-migratory placement, a flexible and high dose drug-load reservoir capacity, and a tunable and predictable pharmacological effect.  

About InSitu:

InSitu Biologics develops and manufactures implantable timed release products composed of our proprietary tunable, bio-polymeric hydrogel, Matrix. We are currently pursuing applications for delivery in soft and bone tissue(s). For more information, please contact James Segermark, CEO, at (651) 289-6444 or visit  

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