Hepa Wash Closes 7 Million Euros Financing Round

Published: Jul 06, 2011

Munich, July 4th, 2011 - The medical device company Hepa Wash GmbH, located in Munich, successfully completed a financing round acquiring a seven million euros investment in the company. "I am especially very pleased that this is an internal round of financing. The private investors and the KfW-Bank nearly doubled their investment in Hepa Wash”, says CEO Dr. Bernhard Kreymann.

The invested amount is well above the current investment trend. The average amount per investment (without public investors) in the first quarter of this year was about 0.8 million euros, assessed by the Munich-based venture capital and private equity advisory "Fleischhauer, Hoyer & Partner" in a sample of 36 leading investment companies established in Germany.

CEO Dr. Bernhard Kreymann expressed satisfaction on the conclusion of this round of financing: "The progress of the clinical study is ensured, and the CE certification of the dialysis device as well as the construction of the production plant for dialysis fluids can move forward quickly."

About the Hepa Wash GmbH

The Hepa Wash GmbH, which is located in the "Munich Technology Center" (MTZ), started in 2005 as a one-man company. Business purpose is the development and marketing of a new liver support device, to reduce the high mortality rate of patients with liver failure. Recent studies have shown once again that so far existing therapies have only very little positive impact on the survival of liver patients. However, the Hepa Wash® device has a significantly increased detoxification capacity. The data of the in vitro and preclinical studies confirm the excellent effects of the patented procedure. The clinical pilot study at the Klinikum rechts der Isar in Munich was started in October 2010. Its first results corroborate the data of the in-vitro and preclinical studies. In parallel with the pilot study Hepa Wash will complete the CE certification of the device and start its own fluid production.

More Information:

Description of the Hepa Wash-Device.


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