Geneious Biologics Annotation Algorithm Beats IgBLAST, MiXCR Says New White Paper

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A white paper released today shows an annotation algorithm developed for Geneious Biologics, a commercial software solution for antibody screening and discovery, outperforms those of open source sequence analysis software IgBLAST and MiXCR.
The white paper outlines why accurate antibody sequence annotation is important for companies undertaking therapeutic antibody research. Biologic drug development involves increasingly large volumes of antibody sequence data. This introduces core problems around accurately screening huge numbers of candidate sequences to identify the most promising, in usefully short timescales.
In a series of comparative tests, MiXCR 2.1.9, IgBLAST and Geneious Biologics annotation algorithms were tasked with analyzing the same dataset - National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reference database SRR5754964 (Human).
Evaluating accuracy of sequence annotation is difficult due to a lack of industry gold standard data sets, however, compared with IgBLAST and MiXCR, Geneious Biologics’ performance in annotating CDR regions and germline genes correlates most closely with consensus results of the three algorithms. In rare cases where Geneious Biologics disagreed with consensus results, bioinformaticians closely reviewed the result and determined that Geneious Biologics was generally correct while both MiXCR and IgBLAST were incorrect, indicating superior performance of Geneious Biologics over these popular open source tools.
“Speed and accuracy is absolutely fundamental for organizations undertaking highly specific research to identify and validate potential therapeutic antibody candidates,” said white paper author and Vice President, Geneious Biologics Solutions, Jannick Bendtsen, PhD.
“Few existing software providers offer solutions with the power to meet speed and accuracy requirements of specialist therapeutic antibody researchers. For that reason we invest heavily in development to ensure Geneious Biologics delivers best-in-class technology to accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery,” Dr Bendtsen said.
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