Frost & Sullivan Presents Alcon Laboratories, Inc. With Market Leadership Award

LONDON, March 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Frost & Sullivan has conferred its Market Leadership Award for the European Ophthalmic Surgical Devices Market on Alcon, Inc., the world's leading eye care company, in recognition of its demonstrated market share leadership and innovations in ophthalmic surgical products.

The established leader in the global ophthalmic surgical devices market, Alcon also leads its key competitors in the European arena. Currently operating in over 70 countries with more than 12,000 employees, Alcon offers products in nearly 180 countries. The company's market leadership position derives from its comprehensive product focus. From an initial concentration on purely pharmaceutical ophthalmic products, Alcon has expanded to embrace products in the ophthalmic surgical devices arena as well.

Alcon's flagship product in the area of ophthalmic surgery globally and in Europe is its family of intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. These tiny lenses are made of an advanced acrylic material and are inserted into the eye to replace the eye's natural lens. Alcon has been the leader in advancing the technology of intraocular lenses starting with the development of the AcrySof(R) material that is the basis of all its advanced lenses. Alcon introduced the AcrySof(R) lens in a basic three-piece design 10 years ago. Since then, it has advanced the platform by adding a single-piece design for easier implantation, incorporated a blue-light filtering chromophore to block harmful high energy light from reaching the retina and most recently introduced the AcrySof(R) ReSTOR(R) lens.

This revolutionary new lens, named 2005 Product of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, provides a full range of vision across the entire visual spectrum: near, intermediate and distance. Before this lens, cataract patients needed reading glasses or bifocals after surgery for reading and many other tasks. Now patients have a high likelihood of not needing any glasses after surgery, as 80 percent of people who received the AcrySof(R) ReSTOR(R) lens in clinical studies never used glasses after surgery for any visual activity.

"It is this high level of commitment to the area of ophthalmology that has ensured continued market leadership for Alcon in a highly competitive market," notes Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Analyst Claire Staniforth. "The company's considerable market share is impressive, especially considering that it has grown organically for most of its life, acquiring only a few important firms along the way."

Alcon's established presence across Europe has supported its understanding of evolving customer requirements and expectations. It has allowed the company to discern country-specific variations and accordingly plan effective marketing and sales campaigns. Alcon's established brand name and its mission to provide complete customer satisfaction underpin its strong competitive position.

With plans to invest more than $2.5 billion in R&D over the next five years, Alcon is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of technological advances in the ophthalmic surgical devices market.

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