Frost & Sullivan Accolade For Point Of Care Testing Ltd's Product Innovation Capabilities

Published: Dec 12, 2005

LONDON, December 12 /PRNewswire/ -- In recognition of its innovative and highly successful line of acute cardiac markers, Frost & Sullivan confers the 2005 Product Innovation Award on Point Of Care Testing Ltd (POCT Ltd). The company is lauded for constantly improving its technological abilities and expanding its product portfolio for the acute cardiac diagnostics segment.

Leveraging its core expertise in point-of-care (POC) testing, the company has developed pioneering solutions, particularly for the acute cardiac markers POC segment. At the same time, POCT has played a key role in promoting the POC testing concept and developing the market as a whole. For instance, collaborating with local and central governments, the UK-based POCT has supported initiatives such as cholesterol screening that are anticipated to yield significant cost benefits in the long term.

The company's extensive, high-quality product portfolio optimally meets the demands of the acute cardiac diagnostics market. A wide product array on the POC format offers a range of major tests that are available on laboratory-based systems. This presents an advantage as leading IVD competitors focus mainly on laboratory-based tests.

To meet the needs of its constantly expanding end-user base, POCT has established important channels of distribution for its POC acute cardiac diagnostics products. Moreover, while POCT Ltd is a niche competitor, a solid reputation and extensive, varied product line confer on the company the advantage of being regarded as a 'one-stop shop' by end users.

"By capitalising on its leading roles in both existing and niche markets, POCT is well positioned to maintain itself at the centre of the acute cardiac POC segment, by supplying innovative concepts, which will cater for the expected growing demand for point-of-care solutions," remarks Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Analyst Dr. Fiona Rahman.

Both in the United Kingdom and across parts of Europe, the initial resistance to converting from laboratory-based testing to performing acute cardiac diagnostics at the POC is gradually waning. Already, there is greater acceptance of acute markers such as troponins on laboratory-based tests. With end users' reliance on laboratory-based tests projected to reduce in the future and with the introduction of new UK government-backed initiatives, the POC testing market is set to develop. In this scenario, POCT is set to make significant gains.

"With a clear understanding of the business and medical needs of the end users, POCT Ltd has capitalised on the opportunities present in the POC diagnostic area of acute cardiac diseases. The company's demonstrated excellence in launching a broad line of innovative products makes it a worthy recipient of this award and places it in a position to strengthen its competitive advantage," adds Dr. Rahman

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