Engage Technologies Group Raises $15 Million in Series A Funding to Transform Patient Journey


BOISE, Idaho, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Engage Technologies Group, Inc. today announced it has raised $15 million in Series A financing to complement their previous seed round of $5 million. Engage, the creator of the innovative "Human Experience Platform" (HXP), plans to use the proceeds to enter new markets and create rich video content that aligns the patient journey from diagnosis to recovery. Engage's funding has been fueled by healthcare professionals and manufacturers who recognize the value of innovative patient-facing branded content that leverages mobile-centric technologies as a patient education and protocol compliance tool.

Engage raises $15 Million in Series A funding remotely, during a pandemic and 99% from physician and surgeon customers.

The introduction of Engage's HXP has not gone unnoticed.  With support across the healthcare Industry, 99% of Engage's Series A investors consist of individual healthcare professionals who are customers. In concert with today's announcement, Engage has introduced a number of medical professionals to the board of directors including W. Grant Stevens, MD, FACS, Chairman of Cle' Global Aesthetics and Clinical Professor of Surgery at USC-Keck School of Medicine, Division of Plastic Surgery; Dr. Jerry Sude, Co-founder, President of Novus Clinic and Co-founder of OD Excellence; Robert J. Cionni, MD, former surgeon at The Eye Institute of Utah and former President of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery; Lon McRae, DDS, Founder and President of McRae Dental and Founding Member of Smiles for Life Foundation.

"In my 40 plus years raising capital, launching emerging technologies, and operating business divisions at Apple, VeriFone, and HP, I have never interacted with such a passionately committed group of investors," said C. Lloyd Mahaffey, EVP & Chief Operating Officer, Engage Technologies Group, Inc. "The uniqueness here is the simple fact that 99% of our investors are Engage customers who believe so passionately in the positive impact our mobile-infused storytelling is having day in and day out with each and every one of their patients."

Engage is capitalizing on the convergence of three macro consumer trends: rapid adoption of mobile technologies, voracious consumer appetite for relevant short form video content, and the simplicity of text-based messaging distribution. Established in 2016, Engage combines proprietary mobile intelligence technology with potent short form "Story Living Video Content" that engages directly with the patient and end customer. Accessed directly from the end customer's cell phone, Engage delivers quality 90-second episodic, drip or event-based content that is white-labeled for clinic or manufacturer branding. Engage's "zero friction" mobile experience streamlines patient knowledge and education at the precise moment where height of interest and time of need converge. This is notably true with patients who are facing check-ups, consultation, and surgical procedures from specialists in Aesthetics, Ocular, Dental, and Health/Orthopedic (spine, hip, knee, mobility, etc.) health care disciplines.

"I am drawn to innovative ideas that have positive impact on my patients, friends and family. Engage is a team of seasoned storytellers, technologists, and collaborators who are changing the world.  I am proud to be an early customer, investor and board member of Engage and I am thrilled be a contributor in as many ways as possible to the company's success," states W. Grant Stevens, MD , FACS, Chairman, Cle' Global Aesthetics, Clinical Professor of Surgery at the USC-Keck School of Medicine, Division of Plastic Surgery and Director and Founder of USC Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship.

Engage Technologies Group, through its four divisions: Aesthetic Innovations, Ocular Innovations, Dental Innovations and Health Innovations, is ushering in a new era of patient, manufacturer and consumer engagement.  Engage's ability to deliver relevant, short-form video content to end users without use of an app, email, password, or login creates consistent messaging and patient engagement, empowerment, and confidence while delivering frictionless improvements in care delivery. Engage's platform capabilities, including robust data analytics that provide visibility and value of the patient experience, extend the clinical brand with scheduled virtual patient interactions throughout their recovery including a patient CareCart™ stocked with recommended products curated and recommended by their physician and clinical experts.

"Today's funding announcement is a significant milestone for the company," Michael Boerner, CEO and Founder of Engage. "Our breakthrough in mobile intelligence storytelling, coupled with the recent capital milestone, enables us to further equip providers with a solution they have always wanted for their patients; a just-in-time, friction free, anxiety relieving, journey describing, 'yellow brick road' to seamlessly follow.  We can finally help physicians, surgeons and their clinical teams streamline and measure every step across the patient care continuum, without portals, apps, email and logins.  Simple is finally possible."

Engage Technologies Group, Inc., has closed the loop on previously friction-filled, disconnected, and inconsistent patient communications that have plagued the health care delivery spectrum for years. Engage's formula is specifically designed to optimize the patient/customer journey in partnership with America's pre-eminent medical practitioners, clinical and administrative staff and health industry manufacturers. The Engage HXP platform is simple to use, customizable and practice branded which results in cohesive patient-to-provider and manufacturer-to-provider interactions. Engage clients are able to elevate and simplify the patient/customer communication experience by driving lead generation, lead capture, conversion, education and retention over the life of the recipient.

About Engage Technologies Group, Inc.
Engage, a privately-held company based in Boise, Idaho, is working with leading subject matter experts on next-generation mobile video engagement technologies in multiple healthcare market verticals including, but not limited to, Dental, Ocular, Aesthetics and Health/Orthopedic. In addition to some of the top medical practitioners in their respective fields, current Engage Technologies Group, Inc. product manufacturer clients include leading brands across Aesthetics, Ocular, Dental and Health sectors. Engage's cloud-based SaaS solution enables a significantly simplified workflow, primarily focused on improving and accelerating the pathway-to-purchase and end-to-end customer/patient experience. 

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