ELGA LabWater Launches the PURELAB(R) flex Water Purification System

Published: Apr 20, 2009

UK, 20 April 2009 – ELGA, the global labwater brand of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, the world’s leading water technology and service company, has unveiled the PURELAB? flex (www.purelabflex.com), a state-of-the-art water purification system. The PURELAB flex integrates in-hand monitoring and accurate pure water dispensing in one unique product. This makes general to highly specialised applications in chemistry and life sciences research and testing laboratories effortless.

Extensive customer research and an in-depth knowledge of water and the diverse range of research and testing applications have resulted in the PURELAB flex’s unique ergonomic design. The flexible hand-held dispenser has an easy-to-read digital display, which shows both volume and water purity (either resistivity or conductivity and Total Organic Carbon) giving users complete confidence in the water quality, allowing them to visibly monitor the water purity as they are dispensing.

The dispense handset has precise fingertip control (like a pipetter) and is intuitive to use, therefore minimal training is required – just key in the volume needed and simply press to dispense. The handset can also be easily programmed with pre-set volumes, which can be repeated with the single press of a button.

For maximum versatility, the PURELAB flex hand dispenser is height-adjustable and the dispense point can be easily positioned to accommodate virtually any size of container. Users will also appreciate the speed and ease of changing purification packs – reducing the time spent on routine maintenance.

The PURELAB flex is easily upgradeable to facilitate changes to laboratory design layouts and applications. Utilising the latest water purification technologies, the PURELAB flex can be configured with an integral purification pack and UV lamp to produce ultra-pure water (Type I polishing system), or the system can be readily adapted to produce a Type II/III dispense and monitoring system. User settings can even be customized via the web and uploaded via the integral USB port in seconds.

The PURELAB flex combines cutting edge design with ELGA’s extensive water expertise to deliver unsurpassed ease-of-use and adaptability.

The PURELAB flex will be showcased at ACHEMA, Hall 5.1, stand H15-17 to be held 11th – 15th May 2009. To find out more visit: www.purelabflex.com

ELGA is an integral part of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, a division of Veolia Environnment the world’s leading environment and water service company. ELGA has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, supplying and servicing laboratory water purification systems. ELGA offices and distributors are located in more than 60 countries worldwide.

ELGA is the global laboratory water brand name of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies. PURELAB is a trademark of ELGA.

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