Data MATRIX Starts Projects in USA And Europe

Data MATRIX team is about to start two new projects in the United States and Europe.

One of the studies has already been initiated in the US with the first patients enrolled. However, the Sponsor decided to change its data management and biostatistics provider after the start of the project. Now Data MATRXI will be responsible for these activities in the project and will also review the existing statistical analysis plan (SAP). “Transferring the study from one contractor to another is rather complicated process, but we know how to do this efficiently. It’s important to understand that, for a sponsor, a rescue study is a stressful situation in which you cannot be too attentive,” comments Data MATRIX CEO Ivan Dobromyslov.

Another large-scale project is going to be launched in Europe. For that project, Data MATRIX will provide data management & biostatistics, as well as EDC/IWRS services.

Today, the company’s portfolio includes more than 150 projects. Data MATRIX provides fully CDISC and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software, and data is accepted by the Ministry of Health of Russia, FDA, and EMA.

Earlier, Data MATRIX announced the opening of its office in Munich.

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