Curaxys, New Spanish Biopharmaceutical Company Pioneer On Biopharmaceuticals Biosimilars

Published: Oct 26, 2009

Cadiz Spain -- Curaxys is a biotechnology company that researches, develops, produces and marketing biosimilars products using new biotechnology process and offering to the market, high quality product at reasonable prices for the diseases treatment.


It is remarkable to inform that in the last 20 years have demonstrated that the baculoviruses maintains a reputation for producing high yields of recombinant proteins in insect cells. Despite the difficulties of working with a virus in eukaryotic cells, the fact that posttranslational modifications such as glycosylation, fatty acid acylacion , disulfide bond formation, and phosphorylation are carried out very similar to the same process in mammalian cells, demonstrating the value of bacuviruses as expression vectors.

We offer a complete range of biopharmaceuticals biosimilars with structure, recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody. The products are focused to improve the quality of life of patient with new concept of product at reasonable cost in the field of the immunology, cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, and virology.

The productscurrently in pharmaceutical developement are:

Recombinants proteins: 1. Insulin 2. Growth Hormone 3. Erythropoietin 4. Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor ( GCSF) Monoclonal Antibodies: 1. Rituximab

2. Trastuzumab The founder and CEO and of the company is Dr. Manuel Esteban, PhD, MSc, MBA,. He has over three decades of experience in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research conducted at leading pharmaceutical companies such as Juste SAQF, Sanofi-Aventis, DSM Pharmaceuticals and Antibioticos (Montedison).

Dr. Esteban has held a variety of research management roles in projects related to cell and microorganism culture, technological development, as well as chemical, biochemical and enzymatic technologies. He is also a proven business manager with the ability to bring in new clients, to create new companies and to develop business opportunities.

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