CUBEX LLC introduces CUBEX Mini, a revolutionary device for storage and management of controlled substances in veterinary medicine

PHOENIX, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CUBEX LLC, the leading provider of pharmacy and supply management technology to the animal health market, announced the introduction CUBEX® Mini, a solution for veterinarians looking to reduce the legal and financial risks associated with controlled substances. Using patented CUBIE technology, CUBEX Mini is the industry's first device to offer automated, biometric, DEA-compliant safeguards for storage of narcotics and other medications, alongside bi-directional integration with most practice software systems, all in a device that fits on a standard counter top and is available through a subscription, no capital purchase required.

"The DEA is putting animal practices under more scrutiny than ever, thanks to the opioid epidemic." said Anton Visser, co-founder and CEO of CUBEX. "At the same time, the animal health industry has been growing rapidly, and when things get busy, people are tempted to take shortcuts. CUBEX Mini automates the tasks required for controlled substances management, which saves the practice time and money, and ensures everyone stays in compliance with the law."

Controlled drugs are rated in the order of their potential for abuse and placed in Schedules by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), from schedules II-V. Many drugs used in veterinary medicine fall within a DEA schedule, and there are numerous registration, storage and record-keeping requirements for veterinarians to navigate in order to legally use them.

Amid an increase in opiod abuse nationally, diversion of drugs such as tramadol and fentanyl by veterinary employees has attracted the attention of the DEA, leading to an uptick in audit frequency. Additionally, an increasing number of state-run PMPs (Prescription Management Programs) have expanded their requirements to include veterinarians, adding an additional reporting burden.

"Before we got CUBEX Mini, maintaining controlled substances was a real time drain, and there was always the risk that we'd miss a requirement." said Dr. Curt Coffman, owner of Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists. "DEA fines start at over $14,000 per infraction, so that gets expensive quickly. I also knew that sometimes, charges from the pharmacy were missed, and we were dispensing meds no one had paid for. Now I know we're doing things the right way. CUBEX Mini keeps everything safe and makes sure each transaction is recorded, including the client charge. That helps us sleep a little better."

CUBEX Mini is available now through a simple monthly subscription. Visit to learn more, or call 480-470-3284 to schedule a demo.

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