Cost-Effectiveness of Cyberonics Inc.'s VNS Therapy(R) System for Epilepsy Reinforced By 1,600-Patient Emory University School of Medicine Study

HOUSTON, Dec. 21, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Cyberonics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYBX) announced today that the VNS Therapy System, the only FDA-approved implantable medical device for the treatment of refractory epilepsy, was featured in 22 poster presentations and in the Plenary II session on neurostimulation at the annual American Epilepsy Society Meeting that took place recently in San Antonio, Texas.

Of particular significance at the meeting, Sandra Helmers, M.D., Associate Professor of Neurology at the Emory School of Medicine, presented the results of a study entitled, "Characteristics and Clinical and Economic Outcomes in MEDICAID Patients Receiving Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy for the Treatment of Refractory Epilepsy." Dr. Helmers and colleagues at Emory University School of Medicine and The Analysis Group, an economic consultant, analyzed data from five Medicaid state claims databases, including Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and New Jersey, to evaluate trends over time in epilepsy-related health problems, healthcare utilization and healthcare costs.

The study results confirmed that the use of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy in patients with refractory epilepsy is associated with:

  • Lower occurrence of epilepsy-related co-morbidities. Patients experienced fewer injuries and other health issues after being implanted with the VNS Therapy System, compared to the period before implantation.
  • Lower healthcare utilization. All-cause hospitalizations and emergency room visits significantly decreased over time after implantation with the VNS Therapy System, compared to the six months prior to implantation.
  • Significant long-term cost savings. With a reduction in healthcare utilization and co-morbidities as a result of VNS therapy, there are significant net total healthcare cost savings beginning 18 months after implantation.

These results confirm numerous prior studies demonstrating significant reductions in both emergency room visits and inpatient admissions. "This study again shows the long-term clinical benefits of VNS. Additionally, it addresses an increasingly relevant aspect of treatment options cost effectiveness over the long term," noted Dr. Helmers.

"This Emory University study reaffirms the safety, efficacy, cost effectiveness, and quality-of-life benefits of the VNS Therapy System," said Dan Moore, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cyberonics. "Worldwide, more than 60,000 patients with epilepsy have received VNS therapy, and these patients are consistently opting to continue treatment, which is evidenced by an initial re-implant rate that exceeds 70 percent. These study findings further establish VNS therapy as a beneficial option for patients with medically refractory epilepsy who are not candidates for resective surgery, or who have failed resective surgery."

About Cyberonics, Inc. and the VNS Therapy® System

Cyberonics, Inc. (Nasdaq: CYBX) is a medical technology company with core expertise in neuromodulation. The company developed and markets the VNS Therapy System, which is FDA-approved for the treatment of refractory epilepsy and treatment-resistant depression. The VNS Therapy System uses a surgically implanted medical device that delivers electrical pulsed signals to the vagus nerve. Cyberonics markets the VNS Therapy System in selected markets worldwide.

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