CLC bio Announces $79 Student License for CLC Main Workbench

Published: Aug 14, 2012

AARHUS, Denmark--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today CLC bio has introduced a reduced price of $79 for CLC Main Workbench for students. The license is a stand-alone license for a single computer and is valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. The $79 license is only available through CLC bio's online shop at "In order for students to maximize the value of their studies, they shouldn't waste their time importing, converting, analyzing, and exporting their DNA sequence data over and over again in a wide variety of old and outdated software. With the introduction of the student license we're making it very affordable for students to use the best DNA sequence analysis software during their studies. Now they can focus on the science and their studies instead,” states VP of Communications at CLC bio, Lasse Görlitz, and adds, ”This is not a time-limited campaign - it's a permanent initiative, stressing our support for hard-working students all over the world!"

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