BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. Treatment Shows Good Results in Study

NEW YORK & PETACH TIKVAH, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. (OTCBB:BCLI - News), a leading developer of adult stem cell technologies and therapeutics, announced today that in a pre-clinical study that was conducted with Tel Aviv University between February and May 2008, signs of impaired motor behavior in a rat model of Parkinson’s improved following transplantation of BrainStorm’s unique Neurotrophic Factor Cells (NTF).

“BrainStorm’s NTF cells are generated from adult human bone marrow derived stem cells, and indented for autologous transplantation in Parkinson’s patients. The cells produce and secrete neurotrophic factors, which are essential for the survival and outgrowth of neurons, and may become beneficial in neurodegenerative diseases,” explains Dr. Daniel Offen, Brainstorm Chief Scientist, and the study’s principal investigator.

In this study, Tel Aviv University scientists lesion the brains of lab rats by using the 6OHDA toxin, in order to mimic the motor dysfunction of parkinsonian patients. The rats were divided into three groups: one group was transplanted with BrainStorm NTF cells, another with undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells and the third group was used as control.

The motor functions of the rats were repeatedly measured for 45 days, followed by histology. The results showed statistically significant improvement in NTF rats’ motor functions, in compared to the mesenchymal cell group and the controls. Moreover, the NTF cells increased the level of the neurotransmitter Dopamine (a low amount of which causes Parkinson). The researchers also detected, 45 days post-transplantation, viable transplanted cells which migrated toward the impaired portion of the affected brain. The Company believes that this is evidence of the integration ability of BrainStorm’s cells in the damaged brain. This is the second study completed using BrainStorm’s cells that produced similar results.

The findings of this study will be presented today by the Company’s chief scientist, Dr. Daniel Offen, at the Second International Stem Cell Meeting: “The Potency of Stem Cells” held from May 27-29, 2008 in Tel-Aviv in conjunction with the ILSI-Biomed Israel 2008 Conference.

Prof. Eldad Melamed, Chairman of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board and the Company’s Chief Medical Advisor commented, “These exciting results provide validation of our previous scientific work. The study indicates that our cells show survival, integration and clinical efficacy. When considering the advantages of using adult stem cells, which are easy to harvest, autologous, do not create tumor problem and do not present the moral/ religious issues that are often discussed with embryonic stem cells, we remain optimistic that we will soon be able to embark on clinical trials in Parkinson’s disease.”

About BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. is an emerging company developing adult stem cell therapeutic products, derived from autologous (self) bone marrow cells, for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. The NurOwn(TM) patent pending technology is based on discoveries made by the scientific team led by prominent neurologist Professor Eldad Melamed, Head of Neurology at Rabin Medical Center, and expert cell biologist Dr. Daniel Offen, Head of the Neuroscience Laboratory at the Felsenstein Medical Research Center of Tel-Aviv University. The technology allows for the differentiation of bone marrow-derived stem cells into functional neurons and astrocytes, as demonstrated in animal models. The Company holds rights to develop and commercialize the technology through an exclusive, worldwide licensing agreement with Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd., the technology transfer company of Tel-Aviv University. The Company's initial focus is on Parkinson ALS and Spinal Cord Injury, although its technology has promise for treating several others diseases including MS, Huntington's disease and stroke.

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