Biopta Increase Its Sources Of Fresh Human Biomaterials

Published: Jul 17, 2009

Glasgow, UK, 17th July 2009: Biopta Ltd, the human tissue-based contract research organisation, today announced a major development in client delivery with an increased supply of functional human hearts.

Ex vivo human tissue studies play a key part in drug development, providing pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies with a more predictive human model earlier in the development process. Many of the companies Biopta work with have up until now depended solely on animal models, however with Biopta’s access to fresh functional human biomaterials this type of early human tissue testing is becoming more routine. Today Biopta announced that their supply of ethically-donated fresh human hearts has dramatically increased to an average of 2-3 per week.

Dr David Bunton Biopta’s CEO said ‘this increased supply of fresh human heart tissue is having a dramatic effect on Biopta’s business; we are now able to turnaround cardiovascular safety studies for our clients in 4 to 6 weeks rather than the previous delivery of 4 months. With this type of supply I’m very excited about Biopta’s growth moving forward’.

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