Biocitech SAS Gives Support to Three Start-Ups in Bond'Innov Initiative

Published: Sep 27, 2012

Biocitech, September 27, 2012 - Biocitech, the Paris life sciences technology park, announces today that it is giving its support to three new biotechnology start-ups based in the town of Bondy, near Paris. The announcement came after the official opening of Bond’Innov, an incubator backed by various public bodies and by Biocitech.

Biocitech was one of the founding partners in the setting up of Bondy Innovation, a nonprofit organization, in June 2011 and the related incubator for innovative projects, Bond’Innov. The incubator is believed to be the only one in France established in an urban renewal zone. The aim is to give the opportunity to early-stage entrepreneurs, particularly in biotechnology, to set up in north east Paris area and to be able to access the know-how and facilities they need.

Bond’Innov has issued two calls for candidates since it was set up and has selected five projects, including three in biotechnology, an illustration of the area’s life science potential. The three are:

- Regulaxis, a producer of synthetic molecules that inhibit or accelerate growth hormones for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

- Biochoros, which is developing a process that can modify the properties of the regulating peptides implicated in cellular signals

- Selkis, a developer of anti-mosquito products for cutaneous application using a new active molecule derived from natural sources

Bond’Innov’s approach is to offer entrepreneurs a reimbursable loan that translates into two years’ complete incubation. This involves the provision of a suitable work environment including offices, access to the laboratories at the IRD research institute and Biocitech as well as multimedia equipment, plus advice and guidance on building up a business and managing it.

Biocitech provides an opportunity to benefit from the accumulated experience of 27 CEOs who have chosen to set up in the life sciences park and who manage 400 employees. They are all available to give advice, exchange ideas and share their experience with the new entrepreneurs so as to avoid mistakes and overcome difficulties. By rubbing shoulders with the realities of industry, the enterprises incubated at Bond’Innov will increase their chances of developing faster and with more hope of success.

Biocitech will also provide accommodation that meets the requirements of the start-up’s business as well as relevant services, particularly in the field of quality, hygiene, safety and the environment. Its specialized property is just like an industry R&D center and can play a critical role in the successful development of these start-ups.

“Our shared objective is to make our ecosystem ever stronger and more attractive and to encourage the development of innovative companies that will create value and highly qualified jobs in our area,” said Jean-François Boussard, president of Biocitech. “Bond’Innov is a perfect illustration of the rich and close links that exist between the many players in life sciences who are working together to build up this service for entrepreneurs.”

About Bond’Innov

Bond’Innov is the first French incubator in an urban renewal zone. It is backed by the Bondy Innovation association, created in June 2011 by a group of six public and private bodies associated with the Seine-Saint-Denis area to the east of Paris. Its aim is to welcome and help would-be entrepreneurs with their plans to set up a research or innovation-based company. Its focus is on aid to the east Paris area, and also to help enterprises linked to countries in the equatorial regions and around the Mediterranean. (in French)

About Biocitech

Biocitech is a technology park dedicated to life sciences and the environment. It offers resident companies on-site support from inception to maturity. It provides a range of services that are specifically designed for firms in the sectors of biotechnology, biopharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, medical and in vitro diagnostics and medical devices.

Biocitech is the only science and technology park in the Paris area that is ICPE certified and that offers a comprehensive and flexible range of services that include technical buildings, multi-technical services and support services. ICPE certification provides entrepreneurs with secure premises of a high technological standard that are perfectly adapted to their development. The unique combination gives firms the benefit of specialized resources that cost less because they are pooled. Biocitech is located close to Raymond Queneau Paris subway station and is only 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport.

The park is market-oriented and the great majority of its residents generate revenues from the sale of products or services. Furthermore, the firms installed at Biocitech complement one another, thus generating strong synergies and numerous collaborations.

Along with other organizations in the Paris area, Biocitech is a key element in the Medicen Paris Region network, the Greater Paris region’s world-class competitiveness hub for health and new therapies.

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