BAC B.V. Launches CaptureSelect® C-tag Affinity Matrix for Highly Efficient Recombinant Protein Purification

Published: May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012 -- BAC BV’s CaptureSelect C-tag affinity matrix combines the exceptional selectivity for the shortest affinity tag available, E-P-E-A (glutamic acid-proline-glutamic acid-alanine), with a robust and high quality affinity resin. These properties allow for one-step purification of any C-tagged protein with high purity and yield under both physiological as well as denaturing conditions. In addition, pH sensitive target proteins can be eluted under mild conditions ensuring high activity of purified protein.

The CaptureSelect C-tag affinity matrix is specifically designed to simplify the workflow of researchers by reducing both the time and cost of purification, whilst delivering higher quality output and increased flexibility in the protein purification process. Researchers only need to clone the EPEA sequence at the C-terminal end of the protein of interest. The CaptureSelect C-tag resin provides for a highly specific purification of the tagged protein and is also suitable for use in high throughput processes as well as larger scale packed bed chromatography. The CaptureSelect C-tag affinity matrix is available alongside detailed protocols and applications at

Common tag systems all have their limitations, such as HIS or GST which, for example, often lack proper selectivity when purifying proteins from complex mixtures. The FLAG system provides for excellent specificity, but lacks in stability and is expensive. In addition, both GST and FLAG tags are large in size, which can influence activity of the protein of interest. None of these systems offers the flexibility to chose between the multiple elution conditions available with the CaptureSelect C-tag resin.

This novel matrix expands BAC BV’s innovative CaptureSelect portfolio of robust affinity products used in the development of biopharmaceuticals.

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About BAC BV

BAC discovers, develops and manufactures separation and affinity purification products for use across the value chain of biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing. Based on BAC’s proprietary single-chain antibody technology called CaptureSelect®, the products are suitable for the discovery, preclinical and clinical manufacturing of therapeutic proteins, including antibodies and antibody fragments. They enable a reduced time to market, increased purity and yield and an overall lower cost of goods for biopharmaceutical drug development. BAC BV was established in 1995 as a Unilever subsidiary and is collaborating with the leading life sciences vendors. Currently the Company employs 37 people with an R&D laboratory facility in Leiden and a state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant in Naarden, the Netherlands. For more information about BAC, visit, and for CaptureSelect® products, visit

Notice to purchaser

Use of the EPEA epitope tag, affinity ligands recognizing it, and complexes formed by affinity capture of fusion proteins containing the EPEA tag are the subject of pending patent application(s) of VIB vzw/Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VIB vzw (Ghent, BE) being the sole licensing authority for such Patent Rights. Purchasers of CaptureSelect® C-tag products from BAC B.V. (Naarden, NL), a licensee of VIB Patent Rights, obtain a limited sublicense to practice the VIB Patent Rights for the useful life of the CaptureSelect® C-tag product.

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