Aureus Pharma Releases DDI Predict- A New Application for Assessing Risks of Drug-Drug Interactions

Published: Jun 25, 2007

PARIS, June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Aureus Pharma a leading provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, announces that release of DDI Predict, a new innovative software application to assess the risk of potential drug-drug interactions. This application was developed with the contribution and feedback of a focus group consisting of several major pharmaceutical companies.

Drug-Drug interactions (DDIs) are a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry today. DDIs have led to several drugs being removed from the market due to adverse effects, thus it is essential that pharmaceutical researchers understand potential drug-drug interactions as early in the drug development process as possible.

Aureus Pharma's DDI Predict automatically calculates the risk of drug-drug interactions associated with Cytochrome P450s via a computer algorithm and provides in a manner of minutes, a graphical report containing all potential drug-drug interactions between a potential drug candidate and a large panel of other drugs/compounds. This analysis of potential DDI risk is based on the latest FDA risk classification.

The input to the application consists of experimental data for a proprietary compound and prior experimental knowledge derived from Aureus' AurSCOPE ADME knowledge database. . Aureus' AurSCOPE ADME/DDI knowledge database, contains more than 16,000 compounds, 230,000 biological data points, analyzed from more than 9,000 articles and FDA documents. AurSCOPE ADME/DDI is already in use in major pharmaceutical companies.

"We are pleased to add DDI Predict to Aureus' product portfolio, and enhance our value proposition in the ADME/Toxicity area" commented Jason Theodosiou, CEO of Aureus Pharma. "Assessing the risk of drug to drug interactions via Aureus DDI Predict will help our customers to optimize their decision process and lead to both cost and time savings during drug discovery and development."

A demonstration version of DDI Predict will be available via Aureus Pharma's web portal in early July. Register now at to receive your "demo access keys".

About Aureus Pharma

Aureus Pharma headquartered in Paris, France is a privately held knowledge management based solutions provider for the life sciences industry. Aureus Pharma accelerates new drug discovery by providing knowledge databases which contain high quality quantitative information for both chemistry and biology. Researchers gain rapid access to knowledge for important drug target classes including GPCR, Ion Channel, Kinase as well as other critical pharmaceutical topics including ADME/Drug-Drug Interactions and the hERG Channel. The information contained in the Aureus Pharma system is of primary importance to aid in lead discovery and optimization as well as to build predictive models. For further information on how Aureus Pharma helps researchers turn data into discovery visit

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CONTACT: Media Contact: For Aureus Pharma: Mary E. Donlan, Ph.D, Directorof Sale & Marketing, +33-1-40-18-57-59, +33-6-76-19-51-77,

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