Asynt Ltd. Release: New DrySyn Accessory Simplifies Set-Up for Parallel Chemistry

Published: Aug 03, 2011

August 2011 -- A new 3-way Water Manifold complimentary to Asynt’s DrySyn MULTI range provides a simple way for chemists in R&D laboratories to connect three water-cooled condensers to a single water supply.

DrySyn multi-position heating blocks enable reactions in up to three flasks to be carried out in parallel. However, connecting three water-cooled condensers can be problematic, so Asynt has developed a new accessory, the DrySyn Water Manifold.

Maximising fume cupboard coolant use, the DrySyn Water Manifold converts a single water tap into three condensing streams, and collects the outlets into one drain tube.

With the main body constructed from high quality anodised aluminium, the manifold is designed to be clamped to fume hood scaffolding in either vertical or horizontal alignment. Quick release plastic connectors enable rapid reaction set-up and dismantling, with sealing on both the tubing and the manifold side. This means that one condenser can be disconnected while the others remain in use, without leaks.

The modular DrySyn MULTI system offers a high degree of flexibility for R&D chemists, converting any standard hotplate stirrer into a reaction block for three flasks of 10 ml to100 ml, or up to 12 vials. The latest accessory for the range saves time, avoids the need to daisy-chain multiple condensers and helps keep the workspace tidy.

About Asynt

Asynt Ltd, based near Cambridge, was formed in July 2003 to develop, supply and support new and novel products and services for the organic chemist. The company developed the DrySyn range of products (launched in March 2004) and has successfully introduced partner company PharmaCore’s custom synthesis services into the European market. Asynt products are developed by a team of chemists with 35 years combined experience and a mission to respond to the real needs of their colleagues in industry and academia. Asynt is committed to investment in new products and chemistries and plans to launch new ideas on a regular basis.

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