Arcus Medical Launches its eCommerce Capability with the Introduction of its New Website

Published: Nov 14, 2008

Charlotte, North Carolina, November 14, 2008 – Arcus Medical, LLC (Arcus), a leading innovator and manufacturer of patented medical devices, announced today that is has launched its much anticipated ecommerce capability enabling patients and caregivers to buy premium Arcus products directly over the Internet.

Innovations by Arcus, such as its adhesive free technology designed for its afex® brand, have been engineered to yield products that provide premium performance, discreet comfort, and enhanced durability for both men and women living with incontinence.

“Although incontinence affects over 14 million people in the U.S. alone, people with incontinence still struggle with the unwarranted stigma of having the condition,” said Michael LaCount, President and CEO of Arcus Medical. “We want to ensure that our products are innovative and address unmet needs while being widely available for private and discreet purchases by patients and their caregivers. The Internet provides the medium in which people can purchase our premium products from the comfort and privacy of their homes.”

Arcus founder and its Chief Operating Officer added, “The new ecommerce capability is a very strategic milestone for Arcus and it will enable us to further advance our direct to consumer model to offer patients and their caregivers unprecedented level of support and relationship management.”

About Arcus Medical Arcus is dedicated to its mission of improving the quality of life and care for patients and their caregivers around the world. Since its founding in 2004, Arcus has advanced its pipeline of patented and proprietary medical device technologies for management of incontinence to the commercial markets. Arcus markets its innovative products under the afex®, Folex®, and Provent brands.

The afex® brand features a patented, non-adhesive receptacle that fits into a comfortable pair of cotton boxer-briefs and couples to a durable, secured collection bag offering an innovative and discreet solution for active, mobility-assisted, or sedentary men with incontinence. Folex® branded products are specifically designed for extended, unobtrusive comfort and easy connection and release for patients using Foley catheters. Provent branded briefs and pads feature the patented triple layer composite technology which offers superior ability to pull and lock wetness away from the skin while providing breathability for effective wetness protection.

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