Apptomics' Clinically Validated Digital Platform E.V.A Completes First Sub-Study for Essential Tremor


BOSTON,/PRNewswire/ -- Apptomics, Inc., an innovator of digital solutions for optimized neurological care, announces that the digital platform E.V.A (Evaluation. Validation. Action) has successfully been used in a study for essential tremor. This marks a major milestone for the company as the platform already has extensive clinical validation in Parkinson's disease and is currently used in clinical trials for Parkinson's disease. E.V.A is a digital therapeutic platform designed to detect and quantify differences in motor performance for patients with chronic movement disorders, providing doctors with objective data to optimize medical treatment and improve outcomes. Recent enhancements to the platform include the addition of a digital spirography, a functional test of upper limb function used to objectively quantify tremor severity.

E.V.A was used as an exploratory digital biomarker to evaluate treatment effects in a subpopulation in the recently completed essential tremor study. Researchers utilized a combination of standard clinical scales and state-of-the-art digital biomarkers to objectively assess patients' tremors. Assessments included a two-target finger tapping test, a pronation-supination test, a reaction time test, and the new digital spirography test.

The spirography test was used to help determine the degree of upper limb motor function. Spiral drawings on paper — like the Archimedes spiral — have long been a common tremor evaluation tool for patients with essential tremor or Parkinson's disease. "When compared to traditional pen and paper spirals, we hope that the digital spirography test can provide more data on tremor characteristics and severity and be helpful in longitudinal tremor management," said Georgia Mitsi, PhD, MBA, Co-founder and CEO, Apptomics, Inc. The creation of a digital spirography test is part of Apptomics' goal to provide physicians with more objective, technology-enabled measures.

The use of E.V.A in essential tremor — the most common movement disorder, affecting about 42 million people worldwide — reflects Apptomics' marketplace growth. "We are very excited to see enhancements to the platform and expansion into new therapeutic areas," said Mitsi. "We believe E.V.A has the potential to bridge the gap in neurological care, optimizing care for millions of people. The individual tests take a matter of seconds to complete but provide a wealth of information that lead to more accurate clinical assessments, faster optimization of treatment regimens, and reduced overall healthcare costs."

Formerly iMotor, E.V.A was renamed in late 2018 to reflect Apptomics' vision for revolutionizing the way patients and physicians manage chronic neurological conditions — Evaluation. Validation. Action. E.V.A is currently being evaluated for use in a phase 3 study in essential tremor and multiple phase 2 studies in Parkinson's disease and essential tremor beginning in 2019 to help assess patient response to investigational treatments. Apptomics is working in partnership with BBK Worldwide, a clinical trial marketing and technology firm, and Biotaware, a software development and solutions company, to evolve this digital therapeutic platform to become the standard for monitoring movement disorders.

About Apptomics
Apptomics is a provider of clinically validated digital health solutions for patients living with chronic neurological conditions. The company's patent-pending digital solution E.V.A provides continuous remote health monitoring and secure exchange of both objective and self-reported data collected during and between office visits. The platform provides neurologists with reliable datasets and actionable insights that can help inform faster interventions and more personalized treatment regimens, which could lead to reducing overall costs of care. E.V.A can also be paired with eCOA and EDC platforms, further expanding its use in clinical research programs where objective datasets can provide an additional perspective to patients' status.

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