4D Molecular Therapeutics Announces Collaboration to Advance Gene Therapies for Retinal Diseases with Oregon Health & Science University’s Casey Eye Institute and Oregon National Primate Research Center

EMERYVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--4D Molecular Therapeutics (4DMT), a world-leader in Therapeutic Vector Evolution for adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy vector discovery and product development, today announced a research and development collaboration with the Casey Eye Institute (CEI) and the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC) at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). The collaboration will combine the complementary expertise of 4D Molecular Therapeutics with the Casey Eye Institute and the Oregon National Primate Research Center to identify and develop gene therapies for degenerative retinal diseases.

“I’m delighted with the potential of this exciting partnership between 4DMT and OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute and the Oregon National Primate Research Center. This collaboration will accelerate translation of new treatments for currently incurable retinal diseases,” said Peter Francis, SVP Clinical, Translational R&D, Program Leader, Ophthalmology Therapeutic Area of 4D Molecular Therapeutics.

Under the terms of the agreement, 4DMT will provide research access to its proprietary vector and gene therapy product technology, development expertise and manufacturing capabilities. CEI and ONPRC will provide access to its researchers and resources for the inception, design and conduct of joint research programs. 4DMT retains all patent and commercial rights to its proprietary AAV technology.

David Wilson, MD, Director of OHSU’s Casey Eye Institute, commented, “We are excited to work with Peter Francis and his ophthalmology team at 4D. Their novel Therapeutic Vector Evolution AAV platform holds huge promise for patients with inherited retinal dystrophies and related conditions.”

About 4D Molecular Therapeutics (4DMT)

4DMT is focused on the discovery and development of targeted, customized and proprietary next-generation AAV gene therapy products for use in patients with severe genetic diseases with high unmet medical need. Our robust discovery platform, termed Therapeutic Vector Evolution, empowers us to create customized gene delivery vehicles to deliver genes specifically to any tissue or organ in the body, by optimal clinical routes of administration, at lower doses and with resistance to pre-existing antibodies. These proprietary and targeted products allow us to treat both rare genetic diseases and complex large market diseases. 4DMT is creating a diverse and deep product pipeline through its own internal 4D products, as well as partnered programs.

About 4DMT’s Therapeutic Vector Evolution

4DMT is advancing the field of targeted and optimized AAV vector technology by deploying principles of evolution and natural selection to create vectors that efficiently and selectively target the desired cells within the diseased human organ via clinically optimal routes of administration, at manageable doses and with resistance to pre-existing antibodies in the population. Our Therapeutic Vector Evolution platform deploys over 100 million unique AAV variants from over 35 unique and proprietary 4DMT AAV libraries with extensive diversity. After defining the Target Product Profile, and the associated Target Vector Profile, 4DMT then applies proprietary methods to identify lead vectors from within our AAV libraries. The result is a customized, novel, and proprietary pharmaceutical-grade product uniquely designed for targeted therapeutic gene delivery and efficacy in humans.




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