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About 4D Molecular Therapeutics

4D Molecular Therapeutics (4DMT) is a world-leader in Therapeutic Vector Evolution for adeno-associated virus (AAV) gene therapy vector discovery and product development.

While AAV gene therapy pioneers are making great strides with the first wave of products, hurdles still exist with the use of 1st & 2nd generation vectors (naturally occurring primitive viral capsids).

4DMT’s next-generation Therapeutic Vector Evolution platform generates targeted, optimized and proprietary AAV vectors that have the potential to overcome the delivery and immunological challenges currently facing the field, ultimately unlocking the full potential of gene therapy.  We target patients with severe genetic diseases with high unmet medical need.  Our discovery platform has created over 37 unique AAV vector “libraries” comprising over 100 million vectors to deliver genes specifically to any tissue/organ in the body using lower doses, with resistance to pre-existing neutralizing antibodies, and via the optimal clinical route of administration for any given disease.  Additionally, our portfolio of custom capsids and intellectual property sets us apart from other companies in the AAV space. We also span a diversified pipeline and have established solid successful pharma partnerships.

The company’s lead intravitreally-delivered AAV gene therapy asset for choroideremia is expected to enter clinical trials in 2019.  4DMT closed a $90 million Series B Financing this past September with top tier investors, and their highly accomplished leadership team brings you >75 years combined experience.

Our proven team of biotherapeutics developers and innovative gene therapy scientists has highly complementary skill sets. Prior to forming 4DMT, our CEO David Kirn MD and development team members have developed over 10 different therapeutic viral vectors, including translation into the clinic and Phase 1-3 clinical development in over 30 clinical trials. Our scientists led by our CSO David Schaffer PhD were pioneers in the creation of next-generation AAV vectors for gene therapy.

We believe in success through collaboration.  4DMT has entered into multiple corporate alliances, including partnerships with Roche, Pfizer and MedImmune (AstraZeneca).

We invite all of you who share our passion and vision in creating the ultimate gene therapy products to cure genetic and rare diseases in children and adults.  We seek the best people in the industry who identify with our mission and innovative results-driven approach.  We offer an inspiring and collaborative environment that encourages individual contributions, recognizes performance in multiple ways, offers uniquely generous benefits and provides challenging opportunities for career development. 

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