°CRYO Science Receives Acclaim for Producing the Safest and Most Effective Cryotherapy Machines Available


HOUSTON, Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- °CRYO Science™, the world's leading innovator in cryotherapy solutions and applications, produces the safest and most effective cryotherapy machines available. In a recent Instagram video, world-famous actor and fitness fanatic Mark Wahlberg called the °CRYO Arctic™ "the number one cryotherapy machine."

The °CRYO Arctic is the coldest and most effective whole-body chamber on the market. The full-body chamber reaches temperatures of -140ºC / -220ºF and is the only machine that accurately measures the chamber's temperature to deliver the most effective treatment possible. °CRYO Science's patented safety technology ensures the user never comes into contact with cryogenic gases. Users are only exposed to breathable air vapor and not harmful nitrogen.

Wahlberg became known as a public proponent of the practice when he went on Ellen last year and recently posted Instagram videos where he used the °CRYO Arctic™ and the °CRYO Penguin™ to recover from his workouts.

"[It's] the number one cryotherapy machine," said Wahlberg of the °CRYO Arctic on Instagram. "°CRYO Science, baby: The best recovery there is," he extolled. 

Cryotherapy proponents believe the practice offers numerous benefits, including boosting the speed of recovery from athletic exercise, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, reducing stress and strengthening the immune system.

Wahlberg has also posted an Instagram video using the °CRYO Penguin, a modern mobile cryotherapy device that offers localized treatment to an affected area. With the pinpoint accuracy and power to handle everything from beauty treatments to pain management and sports recovery, the °CRYO Penguin is the most flexible and versatile cryotherapy machine on the market.

"This is the best machine ever," said Wahlberg of the °CRYO Penguin.

"We appreciate that Mr. Wahlberg enjoys the quality of our products! Education in the market is an important element for the cryotherapy industry and his platform has wide reach to enable further education," said Amir Amirsadeghi, CEO of °CRYO North America.

About °CRYO Science
°CRYO Science is a world-class equipment innovator and solutions provider for all Cryogenic applications. We have mastered the science of using low-temperature gases to deliver healing benefits to the human body and its surroundings. At °CRYO Science, we focus on delivering innovative solutions in Cryotherapy, and other customized installations driving industry success in healthcare, sports, beauty and gastronomy. Our world-class team's diverse expertise alongside our state of the art Cryogenic equipment is the reason we are always the right choice for you. For more information, visit http://www.cryosc.com.

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