QTL Biosystems Release: QTL Biosystems Introduces QTL LightSpeed(TM) Kinase Platform And Four Kinase Assays For Early Drug Discovery

SANTA FE, N.M., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- QTL Biosystems today announced the introduction of its QTL LightSpeed(TM) Kinase platform and four new kinase Activity Assays to be released in October. The kinase platform is built utilizing QTL's patented superquenching polymer technology which delivers universal mix and measure assays that do not require antibodies or radioactive labels. The platform is compatible with standard fluorescent instrumentation and works with peptide or protein substrates. The kinase assays are used to target the molecular processes of the cell and to develop new future treatments for cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

The first four kinase assays are: - PKC-alpha, targeted at drugs for diabetes, leukemia, and lymphoma - Akt1, targeted at drugs for cancer - P38-alpha, targeted at drugs for cancer - Src, targeted at drugs for leukemia and lymphoma

"The QTL kinase assay has several key features that provide a distinct advantage over existing homogeneous high-throughput kinase assays," noted Eddie Wood, Group Leader in the Kinase Biochemistry group at GlaxoSmithKline. "The PKC assay is non-radioactive, requires no specific antibody reagents to detect a phosphorylated product, has a broad acceptable ATP concentration range, and finally it is very sensitive enabling the use of 10-20 times less enzyme than my standard SPA format."

The QTL LightSpeed(TM) assays target the performance demands of high-throughput drug screening. The platform delivers single-step, easy-to-use assays that are optimized to work at low conversion rates where enzymologists are looking for potential hits. Building on the introduction of the QTL LightSpeed(TM) Kinase platform, the company plans to introduce an additional nine kinase assays during the next three months with rapid expansion continuing through 2005.


QTL Biosystems, LLC of Santa Fe, New Mexico develops and markets bioassays that deliver superior sensitivity, specificity, and speed in simple-to-use formats with low total cost of detection. The Company delivers enzyme activity and protein binding assays for the pharmaceutical and life sciences markets, and Biosensor Systems for first responders, medical triage personnel and military users. Bioassay products are available for the detection of viruses, toxins, bacteria, proteins, hormones, nucleic acids and other biological compounds. The Company's novel technologies integrate its expertise in chemistry, molecular and cell biology and instrumentation.

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