PDR Network Opens Third-Annual PharmEHR® Summit Today

Published: Apr 18, 2013

PHILADELPHIA, PA–April 17, 2013 – The third-annual PharmEHR Summit opens today, bringing together senior executives representing bio/pharmaceutical manufacturers, electronic health records (EHR) vendors and other key healthcare industry stakeholders to discuss the how best to deliver important messages and services within EHR platforms. This area has become of critical importance to the healthcare industry because, for the first time, EHR platforms open the opportunity to message directly to healthcare professionals and their patients at the point of care, after the exam room door has closed.

The adoption of EHR systems by healthcare professionals has passed 60 percent and has significantly impacted the practice of medicine--forever changing physician workflow and patient interaction. For many healthcare professionals, these systems have become their “New Desktop,” serving as the center for care management, treatment decision-making and patient communication.

“The use of EHRs by healthcare professionals today has caused a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine that goes beyond the interaction between physicians and their patients, impacting all aspects of the healthcare industry,” said Richard Altus, President of PDR Network. “By hosting this event, we are able to facilitate discussions among decision-makers on all sides to understand the opportunity these systems provide to reach healthcare professionals and develop strategies to do so that add value, supporting the healthcare professional’s goal of providing optimal patient care.”

Highlights of the topics to be covered during this year’s PharmEHR Summit include:

• Communicating with Prescribers within Workflow

• Delivering Solutions & Services in the Exam Room

• Transforming the Physician and Patient Interaction

• Changing How Healthcare is Delivered–Implications for the Provider, the Patient and Everyone Else

• Crossing the Chasm: Successful Navigation Through Medical-Legal-Regulatory Review for Digital Innovations

The PharmEHR Summit is hosted annually by PDR Network – the industry leader at the intersection of the bio/pharmaceuticals and EHR industries. With innovative services that deliver drug information, safety alerts, medication adherence and product support programs within workflow, PDR partners with both areas to deliver trusted prescribing information to healthcare professionals across platforms, including via EHR systems. For more information on the suite of PDR interactive drug information services, please visit www.PDRNetwork.com/EHR-Services.

About the PharmEHR Summit

PDR Network recognized early that the rapid adoption of EHR systems by U.S. physicians would have a significant impact on the practice of medicine and, in turn, the way manufacturers reach physicians. By hosting the PharmEHR Summit each year, PDR provides an environment of discussion among senior executives on both sides of this paradigm shift, allowing them to learn from each other and explore strategies to achieve core business objectives.

About PDR Network

A respected member of the healthcare community, PDR Network challenges itself as a company to deliver innovative products and services that meet the industry’s ever-changing needs. From a history of delivering the prescribing information most-trusted by physicians to its current position at the strategic intersection between the bio/pharmaceutical and EHR industries, PDR prides itself on developing practical solutions to benefit its partners.

PDR Network is the leading distributor of FDA-approved drug labeling, safety and product support information, delivering trusted content through the Physicians’ Desk Reference® suite of digital and print services. Leveraging this propriety network, PDR disseminates critical healthcare information across channels to an active network of nearly 800,000 prescribers and via the growing "PDR Certified" network – more than 26 industry-leading EHR vendor partners delivering content via more than 220 EHR platforms reaching approaching 100,000 EHR providers as well as more than a half of a million additional end users. For more information, please visit www.PDRNetwork.com

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