Novusci Ltd Release: Revolutionary Solution to 3D Cell Growth Now Available in the UK

Published: Aug 09, 2012

August 09, 2012 -- If you are looking for the newest innovation in the field of 3D cell growth then Novusci Ltd has the answer. Every other 3D cell growth system is hampered by the inclusion of a “novel” matrix to support the cells, imagine being able to grow cells without the interference of a support matrix. Well now you can by using the Bio-Assembler TM from n3D Biosciences Inc.

The Bio-Assembler™ is a device for culturing cells in three-dimensions by magnetic levitation. The Bio-Assembler™ combines nanoparticle based Nanoshuttle-PL with designed magnetic fields needed to levitate cells and provide the 3D cell growth environment.

• Faster set up times (minutes vs. hrs.)

• Easier preparation with 80% less likelihood of sample contamination

• Faster growth of cells (hrs. vs. weeks)

• No use of animal component

• Continue to use your “tried and tested” growth media

Novusci Ltd is pleased to bring this technology to the UK marketplace and will extend their total support solution to this newest addition to their range of products

Check out to see the inventor Dr G Souza demonstrating the product.

Ralph Coney MD of Novusci said he was excited by the initial feed-back he has received from scientists in response to introducing this manufacturer’s products to the to the UK marketplace.

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