Bioforum 2013: Clinical Research in CEE as an Alternative for the Global Business

Published: Feb 21, 2013

Lodz, Poland -- The importance of clinical research for developing biotechnological global business is absolutely unquestionable. That is an only way to transform medical and scientific inventions into useful and effective products - pharmaceuticals. But whether Central and Eastern Europe countries could be alternative in clinical research for more developed Western countries is separate aspect - worth to discuss.

In fact, the role of this region is still growing and it seems that in the nearest future, it is going to become a real alternative for other regions, for example Western Europe or Latin America. It could have been reached, first of all, thanks to a real necessity for new procedures in case of medicine professionals and in case of patients, for new and better medication in this area. It should not be also forgotten that costs of researching are here much lower. Besides, it is simply easier to find eager patients and medicine doctors for research in post-communist countries, where people are relatively more indigent.

Only in Poland the market of clinical research is worth over 215 million euro and constantly increases. A real high degree of growth can be noticed also in Ukraine, which is extremely promising area for private investment funds. It is related with great population, over 45 million citizens, and with undercapitalized health service. These factors determine almost ideal conditions for development of clinical research there.

Countries from CEE region are already crucial for private investors. They guarantee high and comparatively fast return on investment. Moreover, they are already stable after period of political and economic transformations and able to offer this stability for investment funds. Additionally, their legislation, in spite of some nuances, is convergent with law in the rest of the European Union and stay in accordance with international treaties.

I strongly believe that CEE area has potential to become in the nearest future a real competition and an alternative in a field of global clinical research. If you would like to run clinical trials in cost effective way you must place large part of your project in CEE Region – said Marek Kiecana, Chairman of KCR, leading European CRO. We can offer high quality, really good-educated scientists and managers, competitive prices and over 20 years of invaluable experience and what is the most important very fast and predictable patients recruitment. One might say that in clinical research CEE countries have potential like Saudi Arabia or The Gulf of Mexico in a field of the petroleum production – he added.

All this aspects of clinical research in CEE will be discussed during BioForum 2013, which is going to take place in Budapest, Hungary on 22-23rd May, 2013. Pending special panel discussion Clinical research in CEE as an alternative for the global business, experts will debate advantages and disadvantages of clinical research in these part of Europe and will try to outline the future frameworks of branch there. They will raise question of legislation in CEE region and point examples of good practices. This panel will be conducted by Marek Kiecana and his cooperators from KCR.


Bioforum 2013 is the 12th edition of the event aiming to create an effective market for biotechnology services and R&D partnerships within the Central and Eastern Europe region. Since 2002 we try to offer the best conditions for companies from CEE region to meet, discuss and find partners for realization their plan for development and progress. During the BioForum event, companies are able to communicate with investors and scientists from the CEE region, where everyone can offer equal terms for partnership. So far, the established partnerships have quickly translated into economic benefits.

The mission of BioForum is to create optimal conditions for the development of innovative companies in the CEE bioindustry. Growth of innovative companies will allow for the retention of our biggest resource – the talented and skilled graduates of the region’s academia. We will be able to benefit this talent in the best way by creating an ample and adequate labour market.

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