Karnataka Biotechnology Development Council Inks Pact With German Government; Bangalore Emerges As India's Fastest Growing Biotech Center

Karnataka Biotechnology Development Council (KBDC) has signed an MoU with the International Technology Cooperation Network (INTEC) of the German Government and Frankfurt Innovation for Biotechnology (FIZ), involved in Biotechnology promotion. The strategic initiative aims at contributing towards an enabling platform for supporting and encouraging Indo-German R&D and economic interests with the focus on the Bio Technology sector. The agreement marks an opportunity for exploration of possible Biotechnology partnerships, exchange of information and Technology cooperation between India and Germany. Under the agreement, India and Germany will help small and medium enterprises of the two countries to enhance business and research opportunities. New initiatives for the SME of the Biotech sector in Karnataka will also be planned. For exchange of information in Biotechnology an innovative website as a virtual technology bridge will be launched for KBDC. The web site will provide all details about the Karnataka and India. To further strengthen the partnership, the partners would continue to congregate at International Bio events to facilitate focused business opportunities. In order to disseminate greater information, the two countries would host a series of Road Shows in India and Germany to show case developments in Bio Technology. It was also agreed upon that reciprocation of Partnership of Biotech centres would yield tremendous value and networking platforms.

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