Biotech 2005: New Drugs Hold The Key

It wasn't always pretty, but the biotechnology sector closed out 2004 on a positive note, with some good momentum running into 2005. The Amex Biotechnology Index closed at 549.69 Tuesday, up more than 11% for the year, besting returns of the three major market indices. The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index, a broader measure of biotech sector returns because it includes more small- and mid-cap stocks, finished at 774, up a less robust 5.8%. Big-cap biotech stocks, by and large, were stronger performers than their small-cap brethren this year, which partly explains the divergent performances of the sector's two major indices. Biotech stocks with market caps in excess of $1 billion turned in positive returns this year, while biotechs with sub-$500 million market valuations posted negative returns, according to Banc of America Securities.

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