VIGO Energy Pal on ATLife 2022

Vigo Health Technology has been invited to attend the International Assistive Technology for Life Expo, one of the biggest annual events in the health and wellness industry from August 4 to 7, 2022 in Taipei.

Vigo is going to showcase its Energy Pal, an innovative energy therapy device designed for home use for the first time on the international stage after the Covid pandemic.

Energy Pal is the first-of-its-kind energy therapy device that delivers Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) and High Potential Electrostatic (HPE) therapies from one portable apparatus.

Energy Pal has evolved from Energy Med, a Class II Medical Device that is certified by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare and has been validated by 2 million users in Asia and clinic studies for the past two decades. Energy Pal has inherited the proven Vigo technologies but with simplified user interface.

Among PEMF products, Vigo Energy Pal and Energy Med are recognized for their groundbreaking innovations in:

· Harvest Ultra Long Electro-Magnetic Waves (ULEMW) from PEMF specifically to mimic the earth’s natural healing power, promoting tissue cell vitality, injury healing and bone density growth;

· Tape into the Goldilocks PEMF frequency 50-60 Hz range to generate Schumann Resonance that is as gentle as mother nature can offer

· On top of the intermittency brought in by SIN/COS waveform, add in a second intermittency with longer time elapse, facilitating energy infusion into the cell

· Produce group resonance by spacing a group of PEMF source points spatially aligned with each other with programmed wavelengths to deliver deep healing, a new frontier for PEMF technology

· Administer acupuncture sequence through electromagnetic wave and High Potential Electrostatic programmed into an ASIC chip


About Vigo

Vigo Health Technology is an innovative company with offices in Taiwan, China and the UK. For the last 20 years, they have developed energy therapy products that have helped 2 million people improve their life and wellness.  The research group was led by the leading Chinese scientist in magnetic field and laser, Professor Pan Jianyue.


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