Seattle Biotech Atossa Genetics, Inc. Files for $6 Million IPO

Published: Feb 15, 2012

Puget Sound Business Journal by Valerie Bauman, Staff Writer

Seattle-based biotech Atossa Genetics plans to issue 1 million shares of stock in a $6 million U.S. initial public offering, according to SEC filings.

Atossa develops diagnostic tests and treatments for breast cancer, including an FDA-approved mammary aspirate specimen cytology test (MASCT) system that can quickly and painlessly sample cells from nipple aspirate fluid (NAF).

The approved MASCT sample system can be used to make a determination or differentiation of normal cells, precancerous cells and malignant cells.

Reviewing NAF can identify changes in the breast years before mammograms do currently.

Dr. Steven Quay, CEO and chairman of the board, founded Atossa in 2009. Quay was previously the CEO of Nastech Pharmaceuticals, which has since undergone several name changes and is now called Marina Biotech.

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