Paul Hartmann AG Global Medical Device Manufacturer And Solutions Provider, Acquires Whitestone Corp., US Maker Of Adult Incontinence Management Products

Published: Dec 10, 2008

ROCK HILL, SC –December 1, 2008 - HARTMANN-CONCO Inc., US division of global manufacturer PAUL HARTMANN AG, announced today the acquisition of Indiana-based Whitestone Corp. Operations will continue in both South Carolina and Indiana locations. The combined company will offer Incontinence Management products in addition to the current US portfolio of Compression and Fixation Bandages, Traditional Wound Management and Advanced Wound Management products. PAUL HARTMANN AG, headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany, is a worldwide leader in Wound Management, Incontinence Management and Risk Prevention products in the Operating Room. Whitestone Corp. was founded in 1949 near the Whitestone Bridge in New York City. Today it is centrally located in Bloomington, Indiana, and focuses on disposable adult incontinence management products. Whitestone believes in empowerment and dignity for those dealing with incontinence, and develops the highest level of protection, comfort and value in their products to improve patient and caregiver lives. Whitestone markets several brand names including Dignity® and UltraShield® Plus. For more information, visit their Web site

HARTMANN-CONCO Inc. leverages nearly two centuries of expertise and global resources to design, develop and distribute quality bandages, wound management and other products that support healthcare professionals in their delivery of cost-efficient and clinically-effective care in the areas of: Acute Care, Long-Term Care, Primary Care, Home Care, Sports Medicine, School Health, Industrial Health and Safety, Retail Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine. HARTMANN-CONCO is committed to working in partnership with customers to enhance the care of patients, and to provide solutions through education and information regarding the most appropriate products for the most challenging conditions. A strong reputation for superior customer service has resulted in long-term relationships with distributors and providers across the country and internationally. HARTMANN-CONCO markets the following brand names among many others: PermaFoam®, Sterilux®, Omnifix®, Deluxe® LF, EZe-Band® LF and Medi-Rip®. For more information, visit their Web site

The acquisition of Whitestone Corp. enables the US subsidiaries of PAUL HARTMANN AG to provide broader and more diverse product ranges across the continuum of care. The quality and value of Whitestone Corp. products complement HARTMANN-CONCO Inc. exceptionally well, and both companies’ customers will benefit from the expanded product lines openly available to them. Knowledge, Value and Service are key drivers for both companies and will continue to guide expansion and product additions. Synergies in company culture, philosophy and mission provide a strong US foundation. Whitestone Corp. brands added to the US portfolio include Dignity®, UltraShield® Plus and Compose®. John Gilbert will continue as President and CEO of the US-based subsidiaries.


PAUL HARTMANN AG is the parent company of the HARTMANN GROUP which operates internationally in the field of medical and hygiene products. HARTMANN offers innovative solutions which consist of user-friendly products and customized services to enhance patient well-being and support healthcare professionals in providing costefficient and clinically-effective care. The core of the product portfolio under the HARTMANN brand consists of professional system solutions in the fields of Wound Management, Incontinence Management and Risk Prevention in the Operating Room. HARTMANN is headquartered in Heidenheim, Germany and employs over 9,100 worldwide, achieving sales revenues of €1.281 billion (2007). HARTMANN is represented by its subsidiary companies in 37 countries. PAUL HARTMANN AG is the global manufacturer of Molicare® brand Incontinence Management products. For more information about PAUL HARTMANN AG, please visit their international Web site

This press release contains forward-looking statements as defined within in the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All forward-looking statements are based on information and expectations available to HARTMANN-CONCO as of the date hereof, and are subject to a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions including, but not limited to: risks associated with product development, clinical trials, intellectual property, regulatory approvals, competition within the market, company business strategy, successful integration of acquisitions, restructuring and realignment activities, growth and otherwise unplanned events. HARTMANN-CONCO undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements as a result of new information, future events or other factors. Many factors that will determine the outcome of the subject matter of this press release are beyond HARTMANN-CONCO’s ability to control or predict. Actual results of the subject matter may differ. All written or oral forward-looking statements attributable to HARTMANN-CONCO or any person acting on behalf of HARTMANNCONCO are expressly qualified in their entirety by the preceding.

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