Noted Harvard School of Dental Medicine Lecturer and Periodontist Dr. Herb Bader Joins OralDNA Labs Labs in Scientific Advisory Role

Published: Jan 12, 2009

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - January 12, 2009) -

OralDNA Labs, Inc. (, a specialty diagnostics company focused on bringing advanced laboratory testing to the dental community, today announced its appointment of Dr. Herb Bader, DDS, FACD, FICD as a scientific advisor. Dr. Bader is a noted lecturer at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he received his post-doctoral training as a research fellow in periodontology. He is a frequent lecturer nationwide and author and thought leader in periodontology and related areas including the immunology of inflammatory changes, management of periodontal inflammation, and adjunctive oral cancer screening.

In his new capacity with OralDNA, Dr. Bader will assist the OralDNA educational outreach team led by Chairman and Chief Dental Officer Dr. Thomas Nabors. This team's primary focus is to provide education on the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease. Dr. Bader also will assist OralDNA in its current development of an oral HPV test for use in risk assessment for oral cancer, as well as assisting in identifying and developing additional diagnostic tests for use in the dental setting.

"Having diagnostic tools for the effective diagnosis and subsequent treatment of periodontal disease is long overdue within the dental industry," said Dr. Bader. "Oral health is extremely important for the health of the body. Periodontal disease is an infectious disease and should be identified and treated in the same manner as we identify and treat any infection within the body."

Dr. Bader is a Fellow of the American and International Colleges of Dentistry, has served as a diplomate of the Academy of Osseointegration, and is a frequent contributor to dental literature. He has been included multiple times on the Dentistry Today annual list of top 100 clinical educators and lectures throughout North America in the areas of periodontics in the general practice.

"We are excited to have someone of Dr. Bader's stature join our efforts to educate the dental community about the benefits of diagnostic testing," said Dr. Nabors. "Dr. Bader has long sought to increase understanding and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as the relationship between oral disease and systemic health of the entire body. We look forward to having him assist OralDNA with its educational outreach and its expanding test menu."

About OralDNA Labs, Inc. (

OralDNA Labs, Inc. is a specialty diagnostics company created to advance clinical testing in the dental community. Our goal is to help the dental profession achieve better clinical outcomes by providing reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that drive the detection and prognosis of disease at an earlier, more treatable stage, with an initial focus on periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection that causes an inflammatory response. Periodontal disease is present in an estimated three quarters of the adult population in the United States, with 30-35% of this population having a genetic trait which predisposes these individuals to more serious forms of the disease. If patients are not properly diagnosed and treated at early stages, periodontal disease can lead to bone loss, tooth loss and implant failure. Research now suggests an increased risk to a number of systemic diseases when chronic periodontal infections are left untreated.

OralDNA offers two DNA-PCR tests for periodontal disease diagnosis and genetic susceptibility. MyPerioPath(SM) detects the presence and quantity of specific bacteria associated with periodontal disease. MyPerioID(SM) PST®, licensed through a marketing, sales and distribution agreement with Interleukin Genetics, provides a means of assessing an individual's genetic risk for periodontal disease.

The company is also developing an oral HPV test for use in assessing risks associated with oral cancer. Thereafter, OralDNA intends to develop a broader menu of clinical laboratory tests for use in oral medicine.

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