Millenia Hope Acquires AIDS Patent

Published: Feb 28, 2006

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Millenia Hope Inc., a biopharma corporation , has acquired a patent (pending) on AIDS that specifically describes compounds that inhibit HIV-1 RNase_H. The viral RNase_H has been shown to be essential for HIV replication. There are no inhibitors of HIV-1 RNase_H in clinical development at this time. In fact, very few such inhibitors have even been identified for this target. Successful development of this drug will play an important role in the treatment of AIDS patients who have become resistant to current therapy. Projected revenue for an orally bio-available (first in class) drug for AIDS is estimated at $350-$500 million US. The current market of AIDS drugs is $6 billion US, estimated to reach $10 billion by 2010. RNase_H preliminary results were presented at a major AIDS conference in Boston in 2005 to great interest from several large pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Furthermore, Leonard Stella, Chairman & CEO of Millenia Hope is pleased to announce that its subsidiary's (MH-B) acquisition of the operations and technological expertise of the former Avance Pharma has been seamlessly implemented. MH-B is headed by a group of scientists, renowned in their fields of expertise:

Jean Archambault, Ph.D., MBA

President & COO-Director of Millenia Hope BioPharma (MH-B)

Founder of Avance Pharma, Dr. Archambault has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Company's unique drug discovery technology platform and creating the world's largest library of plant cell cultures. Prior to founding Avance Pharma, Dr. Archambault was a professor and department head of Chemical Engineering at the University of Quebec. Previously, Dr. Archambault headed the Cell Culture Group at the National Research Council of Canada's Biotechnology Research Institute where he developed and directed all mammalian, insect and plant cell bioengineering R&D activities.

Bahige Baroudy, Ph.D.

President & Chief Science Officer-Director of Millenia Hope Inc.

Chief Science Officer-Director of Millenia Hope BioPharma (MH-B)

Dr. Baroudy has multi-disciplinary expertise in basic research, infectious disease drug discovery and virology. Prior to joining Avance Pharma, Dr. Baroudy was a Group Director at Schering-Plough where he spearheaded the development of CCR5 antagonists that are currently in clinical trials as HIV entry inhibitors and earned a place on "The Scientific American 50" list as the top Research Leader in 2003 in this category. He was also the Director, Division of Molecular Virology at the James N. Gamble Institute of Medical Research, where he established research programs in viral hepatitis and liver diseases, HIV/AIDS and vaccinia virus expression and pathogenesis. Dr. Baroudy has also worked at the NIH in several disciplines.

Robert Williams, Ph.D.

Chief Development Officer-Director of Millenia Hope BioPharma (MH-B)

Dr. Williams, one of the co-founders of Avance Pharma, has been instrumental in the development of Avance Pharma's cell culture facility and in all aspects of the generation of Avance Pharma's proprietary library of purified fractions. His extensive cell culture expertise has now turned towards the generation of cell lines from selected plant species for the industrial production of biochemicals of interest to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. He has published numerous papers on all aspects of cell culture metabolism and metabolite production.

Dany Aubry, P.eng. M.Sc.A.

Chief Technical Officer-Director of Millenia Hope BioPharma (MH-B)

Mr. Aubry, with 13 years of experience in developing plant cell culture bioprocesses, was the Director of Operations at Avance Pharma from 2002 to 2005, overseeing all operational aspects of its Phytomics Technologies, including the R&D programs, cell line generation, biosynthesis and purification of phytochemicals, scale-up of bioprocesses, setting up of laboratory facilities, as well as control of the supply chain for drug discovery activities. His expertise in plant cell cultures covers all aspects of bioprocess development & control as well as bioreactor design.

In other corporate news, Ms. Carole Robert, the former V.P. of Government Affairs and Sales Development, left Millenia's employment and her portfolio has been divided amongst several officers. Mr. Thomas Bourne, Corporate secretary, tendered his resignation and his duties are being carried out by Mr. Jacky Quan, Executive V.P. and Treasurer.

About Millenia Hope:

Millenia Hope develops innovative treatments and quality products that will increase the quality of life, provide tools in the fight against diseases, and promote healthier lives. Our team is committed to research and development to deliver on global medical needs and to bring hope through healthcare solutions.

About MH-B:

MH-B is one of the world's leading bio-research firms in Phytomic Technology, the commercialization of plant cell cultures. MH-B (formerly Avance Pharma) has spent over $30 million in creating its unique technology, including the world's largest collection of highly purified phyto-chemical fractions to be utilized in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry and is commencing the initial commercialization of several projects, with leading multi-national corporations.

Safe Harbor Statement:

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