Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Supports Narcolepsy Network Initiative To Launch Its First-Ever National Narcolepsy Awareness Campaign

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Jazz Pharmaceuticals announced today that it is partnering with the Narcolepsy Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Through support from Jazz Pharmaceuticals, the Narcolepsy Network is launching its first-ever national campaign to raise awareness of narcolepsy.

Isaiah Washington, one of the stars of the television show "Grey's Anatomy," will be featured in a series of public service announcements aimed at raising awareness of narcolepsy, according to the Narcolepsy Network.

Mr. Washington has filmed three public service announcements that are being distributed at the beginning of National Sleep Awareness Week(R), an annual public education, information and awareness campaign which this year takes place from March 27 - April 2. Both National Sleep Awareness Week and the launch of this first-ever narcolepsy awareness campaign coincide with the return to Daylight Savings Time on April 2, when clocks "spring forward" and everyone loses an hour of sleep.

In addition to the public service announcements, the Narcolepsy Network has produced an educational brochure on the subject of narcolepsy which will be distributed to physician offices across the country and made available to the public via its website ( http://www.narcolepsynetwork.org ) and a toll-free number: 1-888-SLEEP-67.

"Jazz Pharmaceuticals is committed to furthering education about narcolepsy and is proud to partner with the Narcolepsy Network," said Samuel Saks, MD, CEO of Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

About Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a chronic, debilitating neurological disease, the primary symptoms of which are excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), disrupted nighttime sleep, and cataplexy. The hallmark symptom of narcolepsy is excessive and overwhelming daytime sleepiness, even after nighttime sleep. EDS is present in 100% of narcolepsy patients and causes people to become drowsy or fall asleep, often at inappropriate times and places. Cataplexy, the sudden loss of muscle tone, is the most predictive symptom of narcolepsy. Cataplexy can range from slight weakness or a drooping of the face to the complete loss of muscle tone and is triggered by strong emotional reactions such as laughter, anger or surprise. Disrupted nighttime sleep may contribute to disturbed wakefulness and can affect daytime functionality and quality of life.

People with narcolepsy may get as much sleep as people without narcolepsy, but the sleep is inappropriately distributed throughout a 24-hour period. Nighttime sleep is disrupted by multiple awakenings, resulting in waking without feeling refreshed, and episodes of sleep (excessive daytime sleepiness or involuntary nap attacks) can occur during the day.

As many as 200,000 people are afflicted by narcolepsy in the United States, but fewer than 50,000 are diagnosed. Narcolepsy is as widespread as Parkinson's Disease or multiple sclerosis and more prevalent than cystic fibrosis, but it is less well known. Narcolepsy is often mistaken for depression, epilepsy, or the side effects of medications.

About the Narcolepsy Network

Narcolepsy Network is a national non-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Founded in 1986, the Narcolepsy Network's primary focus is to improve the lives of those with the life-long neurological sleep disorder, narcolepsy. The network provides assistance to support groups dedicated to the thousands of individuals afflicted with this disease. The work of the Narcolepsy Network goes beyond those diagnosed with narcolepsy. The network is committed to educating the public and encouraging on-going scientific research in sleep medicine. For further information, visit http://www.narcolepsynetwork.org .

About Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is focused on helping patients by meeting unmet medical needs in neurology and psychiatry with important and innovative therapeutic products. Jazz Pharmaceuticals is aggressively building its product portfolio through a combination of commercialization and development activities. Based in Palo Alto, California, the company is committed to working closely with patients, patient advocacy groups and healthcare professionals. For further information, please visit http://www.JazzPharmaceuticals.com .

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