Gallus Biopharmaceuticals, LLC Announces Collaboration Agreement With Natrix Separations, Inc.

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 14, 2012 -- The Natrix platform is the first ever chromatography system that is truly single-use and disposable. It features significant advantages in process productivity, flexibility and cost for bind-elute capture and flow-through purification applications. At Gallus, Natrix technology enables the achievement of a completely single-use manufacturing operation.

Natrix Separations SVP Product Development, Howie Honeyman, commented, “Natrix is thrilled to work closely with Gallus on the scale-up of the Natrix Advective™ Chromatography platform for cGMP settings. The exceptional combination Gallus’ expertise and Natrix’s unique chromatographic process tools will provide exciting long-term benefits for Gallus and their customers.”

Paul Jorjorian, Gallus’ Purification Manager, was equally enthusiastic about the Natrix partnership, “The Natrix technology offers a cost-effective solution to debottleneck downstream processes by combining the selectivity and capacity of traditional chromatography at high flowrates. The technology promises to provide game-changing enhancements to the protein capture environment while also driving down the cost of flow-through purification steps.”

Gallus BioPharmaceuticals is a world-class CMO, operating a commercially licensed manufacturing site in St. Louis. With more than 25 years of experience in process development and a decade of commercial manufacturing, the company’s facilities are designed to support the development of early-phase processes through scale-up and full clinical and commercial production.

About Gallus BioPharmaceuticals

Gallus BioPharmaceuticals is a leading contract manufacturing company offering exceptional contract services to its clients. The firm, based in St. Louis, Mo., was established in 2010 and acquired a world-class commercial biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility and workforce from Johnson & Johnson/Centocor division in 2011. In addition to process development and clinical supply services, Gallus currently produces two commercial products that are distributed globally. The St. Louis facility has been inspected by every major regulatory body worldwide. For additional information on biopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing services, visit, email info(at)gallusbiopharma(dot)com or call directly at (314) 426-5000 / (314) 733-3448.

About Natrix Separations Inc

Natrix Separations is a leading supplier of high performance, single use and multi-cycle disposable chromatography products to the life science, food, beverage and water markets. Natrix Separations’ patented Advective™ chromatography technology combines the high binding capacity, selectivity and specificity associated with conventional resin-based chromatography with the high throughput and ease-of-use of traditional membrane products. The product consists of a polymeric hydrogel formed within a flexible porous support matrix. The support matrix provides mechanical strength, while the hydrogel properties determine the separation chemistry of the product. The Natrix Chromatography technology now enables single use for primary capture through final polish. For additional information, visit, or contact Molly S. McGlaughlin VP, Business Development, mcglaughlin(at)natrixseparations(dot)com, or call 617-548-7927/ 866-990-6972.

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