DAKOTA Life Sciences Employing Blockchain Technology for New Global Pharmaceutical Security and Drug Resistance Monitoring



SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Dec. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kasten Inc. (OTC:KAST) d/b/a Dakota Life Sciences has adopted blockchain technology for its new global drug protection software and information technology suite. Blockchain is a type of incorruptible digital ledger that was originally designed for managing crypto-currency transactions, such as Bitcoin. However, the blockchain versatility technology is now being adopted by other disciplines. The new software suite is designed to provide global protection for users of critical pharmaceuticals and enhanced logistics chain reliability.

Steven Keough, President of DAKOTA Life Sciences, explains that "DAKOTA Life Sciences views pharma drug security in several dimensions- including physical security, product integrity for the end-user patients, and also protection against global potency-limiting mechanisms." The scope of this vision initially led the Company to create tablet-level software to serve as a high-end decision support platform for infectious disease physicians. The software integrates with multiple genomics databases in the cloud to ensure the correct medications were being used when treating polymicrobial-infected wounds.

"Our early work focused on the data interface to ensure the correct pathogenic strain was rapidly matched with the most appropriate antibiotic," added Keough, " but our current advancement is even more exciting!" This is where the data security of the blockchain technology is combined with drug molecular structure monitoring. This is important due to the fraudulent use of antibiotics that hurt people and contribute to global drug resistance to these medications.

DAKOTA Life Sciences uses blockchain and genomics technologies to protect new classes of antibiotics that currently have very little drug resistance. This extends the effective lives of those drugs. Key aspects of this blockchain employment are its capabilities for: both public and private nodes, physical tracking and logistics, and also enabling never-before levels of local drug resistance monitoring. This, in turn, enables new capabilities for monitoring drug resistance patterns globally, and proper adjustment to those patterns to maintain the best patient care.

The new software system is expected to undergo further global testing in 2018.


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