CMA Microdialysis AB Receives CE-Mark for the Eirus TLC

Published: Apr 27, 2011

Solna, Sweden, April 26th, 2011 -- CMA Microdialysis AB (CMA) today announced that the Eirus TM TLC, a Central Venous Catheter (CVC) that combines vascular access and cutting-edge technology for second-by-second monitoring of blood glucose and lactate received CE-approval on April 20th, 2011.

Every year, millions of CVC’s are used by clinicians to deliver medications and fluids to patients in surgical and intensive care (ICU) settings. Major risks seen among ICU patients include hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia and glycemic variability and the lack of glycemic control has been independently shown to be associated with morbidity and mortality. To monitor glucose levels, ICU patients are therefore typically subjected to frequent glucose controls, commonly by use of manual and labor intense blood draws and off-line analysis.

The Eirus TLC is a 7 French, 16 cm triple lumen CVC, which provides vascular access and the ability for simple, continuous and accurate glucose monitoring.

The Eirus TLC can be used as a standalone CVC but is also approved for use with the Eirus system for second-by- second analysis of central venous blood glucose and lactate. The catheter has an integrated semi-permeable membrane, proximal of the infusion ports, which continuously collects and analyzes plasma glucose and lactate. The Eirus system does not pull any blood from the patient, it does not require any heparin nor does it require a separate additional line into the patient.

"Eirus TLC is a landmark achievement for CMA and for critical care. It represents the latest advancement in combined venous access and monitoring technology, and is a hallmark of our mission to develop and deliver solutions that help guide therapeutic decisions for life.” said Philip Siberg, CEO of CMA.

In 2009, the Eirus system gained initial CE-approval for continuous glucose and lactate monitoring in blood. During 2009-2011, the system has been verified for performance and accuracy in hundreds of ICU patients with excellent outcome.

”The Eirus system reduces the workload of nurses, improves the accuracy of glucose and lactate control and I’m confident it will provide excellent health and economic benefits to the health care industry” comments Anna Redwood, Managing Director of the Medical business unit within CMA.

For more info on the Eirus TLC and the complete Eirus system, please contact Mrs. Anna Redwood, Managing Director Medical Business Unit on +46 70 883 0474 or Philip Siberg, CEO, on +46 70 7906734

About CMA Microdialysis AB

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