RelayHealth Corporation Launches RelayHealth 5.5 Featuring RxHub-Certified eScript(R) Electronic Prescribing Service

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- RelayHealth Corporation, the nation's premier provider of health plan-reimbursed online doctor-patient communication services, today announced the release of RelayHealth 5.5, the latest version of its secure communication service for healthcare delivery systems, physicians and patients.

In this release, RelayHealth delivers enhanced time-savings, convenience, and safety for medical organizations using its eScript(R) end-to-end electronic prescribing solution. "eScript3" streamlines online prescriptions and renewal authorizations, particularly for high-volume users, and incorporates real-time medication history, powered by healthcare technology provider RxHub, for selected health plan members. Medication claims history will be available immediately for members of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, with data from other plans to be added in the coming months.

"With RxHub certification, eScript is an even stronger e-prescribing solution, enabling users to write informed prescriptions that promote safety and help curb healthcare costs," said Dave McLean, CEO of RxHub. "We appreciate RelayHealth's unique ability to include the patient in the e-prescribing loop, and look forward to working with RelayHealth and their subscribing medical practices to improve practice efficiency, patient safety, and cost-effectiveness through formulary-backed, interaction-checked prescriptions."

Benefits of eScript3 include:

-- Faster Renewals for Providers: The eScript process has been streamlined to require fewer steps and faster results. With eScript3, physicians may now easily prescribe multiple medications per patient for additional time savings. For patients whose medication claims history is available via RxHub, users can prescribe directly from a patient's medication history, facilitating faster renewal authorizations.

-- More Convenience for Patients: The improved eScript workflow helps physicians write more accurate, legible prescriptions, resulting in fewer pharmacy callbacks to the doctor's office-and consequently faster refills for patients. Also, health plan prescription formulary information can help minimize co-pay expense for patients. Patients connected to their doctors through RelayHealth can direct new prescriptions and prescription renewals to the pharmacy of their choice.

-- Safer Prescribing: Physician access to medication history, combined with improved workflow, helps reduce potential prescribing errors, while eScript3's interaction checking and alerts further facilitate patient safety.

"Like most physicians, easily half the prescriptions I write are to renew a current medication, which is why these eScript enhancements are so valuable," said Dr. Paul Ford, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford Medical Group. "With eScript3, the work typically associated with processing prescriptions is dramatically reduced. Less time spent writing prescriptions means more time with patients; fewer phone calls mean more efficient operations. Access to prescription history and improved interaction checking are additional safeguards that will help us further improve our service levels."

RelayHealth 5.5 also includes new pediatric lab templates and an updated cholesterol results reporting template which reflects revised National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) guidelines.

"This product release underscores our ongoing commitment to streamline communication and reduce the friction in routine transactions for our healthcare constituents. Patients, physicians, and health plans all stand to benefit from RelayHealth 5.5," noted Giovanni Colella, MD, president, and chief executive officer of RelayHealth. "We are committed to delivering product advancements that address the collective needs of our customers and align with key industry initiatives, such as pay-for-performance programs designed to enhance patient care."

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RxHub LLC is a healthcare technology company that has developed a nationwide electronic information exchange connecting prescribers, pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers in order to permit the sharing of prescription and benefit information between them. The goal of this network is to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve patient medication safety. RxHub's vision is for its electronic exchange to include all key groups involved with writing, filling and paying for prescription medications, through a network that has been designed with open architecture to make this possible. RxHub is headquartered in St. Paul, MN. For more information, please visit

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RelayHealth is the premier provider of secure online healthcare communication services linking patients, healthcare professionals, payors, and pharmacies. RelayHealth's Web-based, doctor-patient messaging platform connects doctors and their patients efficiently, affordably, and securely. Tuned for both small and large practice environments, the RelayHealth(R) service improves and streamlines healthcare delivery and access through modular features-like the webVisit(R) clinical consultation-which tackle complex issues unique to the healthcare market, including clinical structure, practice workflow, and reimbursement. More secure and efficient than telephone or e-mail, RelayHealth combines HIPAA-ready messaging and eScript(R) end-to-end electronic prescribing for the most seamless, comprehensive, and powerful messaging platform available to healthcare professionals and their patients. For information, visit

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