CardioSoft To Mark 100th Anniversary Of The Commercial Electrocardiograph (ECG) On March 22

HOUSTON, March 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CardioSoft ( ) announced today it will mark the 100th anniversary of the first electronic transmission of an electrocardiogram (ECG) later this month with a similar first time in history event. On March 22, 1905, the Dutch physician and Nobel Prize winner Willem Einthoven, recognized as inventor of the ECG, successfully transmitted the first 'telecardiogram' from the hospital to his laboratory over a distance of nearly a mile via telephone cable. Now, a century later, CardioSoft will commemorate this historical event by transmitting the first High Frequency QRS ECG over a secure internet connection. High Frequency QRS ECG is a new, highly sensitive ischemia detection tool the company is developing through exclusive licensing with NASA.

"Einthoven's electrocardiogram is as old as aviation, and we think the time is right for an improved ECG technology to be developed for clinical use," said CardioSoft co-founder Dr. Brian Arenare. The HFQRS-ECG will enable a simple and highly sensitive 5-minute resting ECG test that will markedly enhance diagnostic accuracy of conventional techniques," he added. On March 22, 2005 CardioSoft will exchange HFQRS-ECG data in real time with its European research partners from NASA's Johnson Space Center (where HFQRS technology was first developed). The centennial event will also recognize that 2005 is the 100-year anniversary of commercial production of ECG machines.

On March 11, 2005, CardioSoft will showcase its latest developments in HFQRS-ECG technology at the Rice Alliance Life Science Technology Venture Forum, to be held in Houston at Rice University. The HFQRS software algorithms measure signals present in the QRS complex, or heart muscle depolarization phase, of the electrocardiogram that are unrecognized by current ECG methods.

CardioSoft(R) is a privately held pioneering medical technology company building new ECG products designed to improve the diagnosis and management of heart disease. Recognizing key opportunities to enhance electrocardiology, CardioSoft applies its core expertise in digital signal processing to create innovative solutions to meaningful clinical problems.

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