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Presage Biosciences 

Seattle  Washington    U.S.A.
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Company News
Presage Biosciences Appoints Oncology Experts To Newly Created Medical Advisory Panel 1/11/2016 12:58:39 PM
Presage Biosciences In-Licenses Clinical Stage Drug Program 11/24/2015 12:16:56 PM
Presage Biosciences Appoints Two New Directors 11/24/2015 9:27:10 AM
Presage Biosciences Receives Strategic Investment From Takeda (TKPYY) 8/20/2015 8:36:17 AM
Presage Biosciences Release: Study Finds That Microinjection Platform Enables Assessment Of Multiple Cancer Drugs Directly In Tumors, Predicts Systemic Response 4/22/2015 1:41:44 PM
Presage Biosciences Expands Collaboration With Takeda (TKPYY) For CIVO™ Technology To Assess Cancer Drugs Directly In Solid Tumors 11/12/2014 9:26:40 AM
Presage Biosciences Granted Fifth U.S. Patent For CIVO™ Arrayed Microinjection Technology For Comparing Multiple Drugs In A Single Living Tumor 10/21/2014 10:52:18 AM
Presage Biosciences Announces First Patient in Clinical Trial of CIVO™ Precision Oncology 4/22/2013 9:44:16 AM
Presage Biosciences Snags $13 Million From Celgene Corporation (CELG) to Pick Winning Cancer Drug Combos 3/5/2013 7:49:40 AM
Presage Biosciences and Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company Enter Into Cancer Research Agreement 4/6/2012 9:16:29 AM