Veritas Genetics

99 Conifer Hill Drive
United States

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About Veritas Genetics

We are a passionate and dynamic group of scientists, engineers, genetic counselors, business folk, and designers. Our goal: empower people to live healthier, longer.
But, our story began in the 1970s with a young student passionate about one thing, DNA. George Church's work set in motion countless genetic discoveries, including the Human Genome Project, the first initiative to map all genes in the human genome.
George, along with a group of visionaries and scientists, including leaders from Harvard Medical School's Personal Genome Project, co-founded Veritas Genetics.
Founder and CEO: Mirza Cifric
Founder and CSO: Preston Estep III, PhD
Founder and Managing Director, Asia: Jonathan Zhao, PhD
Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel: Douglas F Flood
COO: Tim Smith
Chief Marketing and Design Officer: Rodrigo Martinez

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