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About Bioz

Our goal at Bioz is to keep you informed while performing experiments, by providing you with insights and recommendations for products, equipment and assays. These insights were analyzed and aggregated for you from 24 million PubMed articles.
Science is getting better every year. Science is more creative, global, faster, and sophisticated. In the coming years more and more scientists will become “connected” and will use technology. However, the way researchers access and view scientific information hasn’t really changed in the last 100 years. We’re still looking for articles on PubMed, we are still reading each article ourselves, and we are still manually comparing and contrasting the information that we find in these articles. Most unfortunate, is that we still make research decisions knowing that we are in fact disconnected from the wealth of scientific data that is out there, and that was laboriously documented by our fellow scientists. Why do we make decisions while being in the dark? The answer is simple, it is not humanly possible for researchers to (1) read more than a tiny fraction of relevant scientific papers, and (2) analyze, aggregate and correlate scientific information that is spread out over hundreds of millions of pages of scientific papers.
What if we could tap into all of the scientific knowledge that we develop over our lives, learning what constitutes better and more effective in the lab? What if we could have scientists build a huge and growing article knowledge-base? And what if we could have computers join in to analyze, correlate and aggregate this valuable knowledge-base, learn from humans what works best, and more accurately recommend products and assays that meet your lab’s unique requirements? What if all this was at the tip of your fingers?
With our hybrid platform that brings together articles, researchers and computer power, we help scientists reduce trial-and-error when designing their experiments and help them write research papers and grants.
Bioz does not take over scientific decision making, rather it couples the work of scientists from around the world with advanced computer technology to help researchers make better decisions on their bench. Bioz it!
July 2013
CEO: Daniel Levitt
CSO: Karin Lachmi
CTO: Ehud Pardo
Chief Software Architect: Dan Grunspan

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