Black Diamond Therapeutics, Inc.

One Main Street
United States


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About Black Diamond Therapeutics, Inc.

Our Vision
Precision Cancer Medicines for Every Genetically-Defined Patient    
Company Overview
Black Diamond Therapeutics: A Next-Wave Cancer Precision Medicine Company
Black Diamond Therapeutics has pioneered the development of selective medicines for patients with genetically-defined cancers driven by oncogenes activated by allosteric mutations.
The cornerstone of our approach derives from evolving trends in cancer clinical medicine. Genome-wide information – now routinely obtained from DNA testing of cancer patients – identifies clusters of uncharacterized genomic alterations. Today, new baskets of un-drugged oncogenic targets exist, leading to the identification of additional cancer patients in need of novel therapies.
Using our MAP platform, Black Diamond Therapeutics is pioneering new ways to functionally assess the mutational landscape of individual oncogenes – to discover and validate new targets, and to develop novel approaches to creating highly selective therapeutics.

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