Genovis launches GlycOCATCH™ for purification of O-glycosylated proteins

Genovis is expanding its product portfolio with the launch of GlycOCATCH™, the first product in the company’s new protein purification product category. The product will be introduced at the Protein Engineering Summit (PEGS) in Boston at the end of April, and the product is available for purchase today.

With the addition of GlycOCATCH, Genovis is expanding its already unique offering of products within the field of O-glycans and streangthens its position as an innovator in this market. The new product, GlycOCATCH, is a tool for fast, simple and specific purification of O-glycosylated proteins or peptides and is aimed at pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, as well as universities. Both biopharmaceuticals and various types of biomarkers are often O-glycosylated, which poses a challenge for detecting and analyzing these proteins. GlycOCATCH is designed to make these analyses easier, which has been requested by both industry and regulatory authorities.

“The response to our existing products within the O-glycan segment has been extremely positive and with GlycOCATCH, we look forward to contribute to new answers to analytical questions in both the pharmaceutical industry and academia,” says Fredrik Olsson, CEO of Genovis.

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More about O-glycans and GlycOCATCH 

There are two main types of glycans (sugar chains) attached to proteins: N-glycans and O-glycans. O-glycans are more difficult to analyze since their attachment to protein sites is less predictable, while at the same time no tools, such as those used for N-glycans, are available to analyze them. Many human proteins contain O-glycans and research suggests that they are of great importance to biological processes. An important aspect in the analysis of proteins and glycosylation is the actual sample preparation. With GlycOCATCH, Genovis adds a product for “affinity purification” of proteins that are O-glycosylated. These types of proteins, which can be found in protein-based drugs and in nature, may be able to serve as important biomarkers in the blood. The ability to quickly and easily purify these proteins improves sensitivity, for example in mass spectrometric analysis.  

For more information, please contact: Fredrik Olsson, CEO, Genovis AB Tel: 0046 (0)46 -101233


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