MedicAlertPartners With Honeywell HomMed To Offer New Health Enhancement System

TURLOCK, Calif., July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move to dramatically improve and enhance the quality of life of patients, MedicAlert(R) has entered into a strategic alliance with Honeywell HomMed, a leader in home healthcare and remote vital signs tracking and assessment. With the growing number of aging baby boomers and individuals with chronic illness the need for immediate healthcare services is becoming increasingly important. To address this need, MedicAlert(R) will soon offer the Health Enhancement System to its members nationwide.

The convenient and easy to use MedicAlert(R) Health Enhancement System will actively help patients keep track of their health and can significantly contribute to their well-being. Using voice and text prompts, the Health Enhancement System guides patients through a simple three minute procedure to collect information such as weight, blood pressure and answers to disease specific questions. After each session, this information is automatically and securely transmitted to MedicAlert and becomes part of the patient's personal electronic health record stored at the MedicAlert(R) secure repository. This information can be made available to the patient, their physician and any designated family members. If the information collected indicates a need for intervention of if the patient fails or forgets to use the system when prompted, they are contacted by MedicAlert(R) to determine appropriate course of action.

"Technology plays a significant role in the future of medical information and MedicAlert has been at the forefront for decades with the MedicAlert Electronic Health Record (EHR). The introduction of our Health Enhancement System is a testimony that MedicAlert continues to lead the industry in technological advancements," said Paul Kortschak, president and CEO of MedicAlert. "It is a cost-efficient solution that reaffirms our commitment to enhance patient safety and improve quality of care."

Regular health monitoring and a healthy lifestyle can dramatically reduce the chance of hospitalization and even improve the quality of life for those living with a chronic illness. It helps patients with a chronic illness stay independent and in the comforts of their own home.

"Reducing the cost of chronic disease and improving users' quality of life at home is what Honeywell HomMed is all about. We are elated that with the MedicAlert partnership, many more patients will be able to take advantage of our advanced technology," said Herschel "Buzz" Peddicord, HomMed's founder and CEO.

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About MedicAlert

The MedicAlert Foundation is a non-profit healthcare informatics organization dedicated to providing services to our members that protect and save lives. MedicAlert(R) services are built around a repository of health information that enables members to manage their personal health records while maintaining security, privacy and confidentiality. As the trusted third party custodian of comprehensive personal health information, the MedicAlert(R) repository can connect to and provide critical medical information between patients, providers, payers, and first responders 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. The premium we place on patient confidentiality has earned the trust of 4 million members and the healthcare community worldwide.

MedicAlert(R) is committed to providing technology-based solutions and is an active member and a leader in developing interoperability standards with all the major Healthcare IT standards organizations. The MedicAlert(R) repository uses Web service interfaces to support standard Electronic Health Records (EHRs), including electronic drug prescriptions and for patient record interoperability. These activities will ensure the rapid development and deployment of standards to improve the quality of care, lower healthcare costs while increasing patient safety.

MedicAlert(R) is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1956 with a mission to protect and save lives, is headquartered in the United States and has international affiliates in nine countries. Additional information about MedicAlert(R) is available at

About Honeywell HomMed LLC

Based in Brookfield, Wis. Honeywell HomMed LLC is the leader in the rapidly growing remote patient monitoring industry. The company produces and distributes the Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System, which tracks the vital signs of individuals with chronic illnesses on a daily basis. Honeywell HomMed is part of the newly formed Honeywell International Life Safety business within Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions. For more information, visit

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