anodyne microneedle Crowdfunds To Finance Human Clinical Trials

PETERBOROUGH, ON, Canada, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A patent protected medical device to make insulin injections for diabetic children virtually pain free moves into its final stage before commercialization with a new international crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign, which kicks off Oct.1, with a modest target goal of $100,000, uses Indiegogo, the well-known Toronto-based tech crowdfunding platform. The funds will pay for human clinical trials of the anoDyne microneedle from PKA SoftTouch Corp. at Mount Sinai Services in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The campaign video features "JJ" Mitchell, a 13 year old diabetic diagnosed at the age of 10 who must take painful insulin injections every day. After losing 17 pounds and nearly lapsing into a coma, JJ was finally diagnosed and typically experienced terror over the insulin injections that would be part of her life forever, says her mother, Melissa Mitchell.

JJ and her mother volunteered to be part of the video when they learned it could lead to painless insulin delivery to young diabetics.

Mitchell says she welcomes the anoDyne microneedle campaign. "For parents of young children, the ability to inject their infant or young child painlessly would be amazing," she says.

She worries constantly about JJ and at first had to visit her daughter's school every day to give her insulin shots.  "She was so scared of the needles she wouldn't let anyone but me give her the injections."

Dr. Azar Azad, managing director of Mount Sinai Services and team lead for the pending trials, says  that the anoDyne "could be a preferred device for patients based on no pain, and could be a preferred tool for healthcare providers based on savings of money and time."

"We are very excited to start this clinical trial with PKA SoftTouch."

According to the International Diabetes Federation, over 380 million people worldwide currently suffer from diabetes, and that number is expected to grow by 55 percent by 2035.

Dick Crawford, an engineer and entrepreneur who is chair, co-founder and CEO of PKA SoftTouch Corp., Lakefield, Ontario, says his development team has been working on the microneedle for nine years.

"This next step of crowdfunding gives people who wouldn't otherwise know about the device, or with limited funds, a chance to participate in its development. We anticipate that families of diabetics, and healthcare providers, will want to support us as much as they can. "

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