Omniscope appoints Dr. Luciano Martelotto as Chief Technology Officer

13 January, 2022 – Barcelona:  As of December 2021, Dr. Luciano Martelotto has joined the ambitious and AI-driven deep biotech start-up Omniscope as Chief Technology Officer, to support the company's vision of bringing healthcare for everyone, everywhere. He will be leading the advancement of Omniscope’s innovative platform and accelerating the development of new breakthrough technologies.

“We are privileged to have Luciano drive our technology that reads the immune system, with a mission to deliver healthcare for everyone, everywhere. As a catalyst in the -omics revolution, Luciano has a stellar track record of applying cutting-edge technology across multiple healthcare challenges.” - Vijay Vaswani, Omniscope Co-Founder and CEO. 

Dr. Martelotto brings to Omniscope a unique combination of expertise and extensive hands-on experience in the fields of single cell and spatial -omics technology, cancer genomics and molecular biology through his collaborations and leadership roles around the world.  He recently transitioned from his position of Scientific Director, Single Cell Core facility at Harvard University to establish Omniscope’s Tech Development Hub at the Adelaide Centre for Epigenetics, in South Australia.


Luciano is a superstar in the genomics community and has been a significant driving force behind the exponential growth of genomics in recent years. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Luciano as CTO at Omniscope. Luciano, in my opinion, is one of the best tech developers in the world.” - Dr. Holger Heyn, Omniscope Scientific Co-Founder

About Omniscope:

Omniscope is a deep biotech company whose technology represents a paradigm shift by reading the immune system - at a significantly higher definition than currently available. The company AI-driven technology reads the immune system in high definition, analysing how it responds to diseases broadly (and early), offering a breadth and depth of understanding previously impossible. 

As a company, Omniscope embraces a social impact ethos that is deeply rooted in equity, sustainability, and public health. The company envisions a world in which cutting-edge diagnostics are affordable and accessible to all, enabling advanced healthcare for everyone, everywhere.






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