Mdimune Inc. Announces Research Collaboration with the Seoul National University for Gene Editing based on Cell-derived Vesicles (CDVs)

The outcomes of this research may revolutionize a breakthrough of the current limitations in gene editing nuclease delivery techniques.

MDimune Inc., a leading Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) company has announced the research collaboration focused on the introduction of gene editin nuclease platform technology in synergy with their proprietary BioDrone® Platform based on Cell-derived vesicles (CDVs). This collaboration with top-ranked university in South Korea will revolutionize the delivery of gene editing nuclease packaged CDVs for precise delivery to cells which will enable gene correction, gene modification, knockout and gene addition at intended location.

MDimune’s BioDrone® Platform is a cutting-edge targeted drug delivery system (DDS) that relies on multiple human-sourced CDVs; which are nanosized vesicles obtained from cells by using the proprietary extrusion technology that demonstrated an exceptional production yield up to 30~100 times compared to naturally secreted EVs. CDVs have emerged as an ideal carrier against various deliberating diseases to promote regeneration, inflammation, and antitumoral functions at the target tissues of interest. The versatility of the CDV-mediated drug delivery platform allows integration with small molecules, peptides, as well as genetic cargos such as siRNA, mRNA, etc. for precise delivery.

About the Nano-Bio Drug Delivery Laboratory

The Nano-Bio Drug Delivery Laboratory under Professor Yu-Kyoung Oh’s expertise has been dedicated to the research of novel drug delivery systems for therapeutics ranging from nucleic acids, stem cells, and antigen-based vaccines. Professor Oh’s research team is currently optimizing various drug candidates to further enhance their true potential as future nanotherapeutics.

About the MDimune Inc.

MDimune Inc. was the first South Korean company to be selected as Lonza’s partner to jointly investigate exosomes as the next-generation therapeutics and drug delivery system. This collaboration was a major step-up for MDimune to advance into global standards among other major EV players in the market. MDimune is actively pursuing to further expand their business and technical aspects of the BioDrone® Platform through open innovation-based partnerships for joint research and licensing deals with global pharma and biotechs.

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