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Company Profile


Phylos, Inc. 

128 Spring Street

Lexington  Massachusetts  02421  U.S.A.
Phone: 781-862-6400 Fax: 781-402-8800

Corporate Overview

Phylos, a privately held biopharmaceutical company, is dedicated to discovering and developing biopharmaceuticals that will benefit human health. The company's technology portfolio includes an advanced protein display technology, PROfusion™, and a novel class of proteins known as TRINECTIN™ binding proteins. Application of these technologies enables Phylos scientists to develop high affinity binding proteins for use as therapeutic drugs and as diagnostic and research reagents to support the biological products market.

Formed in 1997, Phylos has built a global operation with research centers in the US and Europe and an outstanding team of scientists, management, and support personnel.


In recent years, binding proteins (typically monoclonal antibodies) have emerged as an important class of therapeutic drugs. Phylos's proprietary PROfusion™ technology enables company scientists to develop novel binding proteins by re-engineering a section of a naturally occurring human protein so that it binds tightly to the desired target. In this way, binding sites can be created on a variety of protein frameworks, or scaffolds.

One class of protein developed at Phylos, the TRINECTIN™ binding proteins, consists of a scaffold adapted from fibronectin, a protein that occurs naturally in the human circulatory system. Phylos scientists have created TRINECTIN™ binding proteins that bind to several medically important drug targets specifically and with extremely high affinity. These proteins are expected to be cost effective to manufacture because of their simple and stable structures.

Phylos scientists have also demonstrated that PROfusion™ technology can be used to generate fully human monoclonal antibodies. Previously, a variety of technologies were employed to create antibody molecules suitable for therapeutic use. Antibodies have been made in mice via immunization, and then "humanized" by grafting the binding sites onto a human antibody framework. Alternatively, antibodies have been isolated from transgenic mice with a humanized immune system after they were immunized with the therapeutic target. Recently, protein display technologies have been used to develop human antibodies without an immunization step. Now, with PROfusion™ technology, scientists can isolate fully human antibodies via a process in which all steps occur in vitro, and thereby gain the advantage of beginning the search for a new therapeutic with more diverse antibody libraries.

The flexibility of PROfusion™ technology will enable Phylos scientists to isolate binding proteins that have a wide variety of physical and biological properties, and therefore are applicable to a broad spectrum of therapeutic indications.

Specialty Binding Proteins

The Phylos technology can also be utilized to create high affinity reagents, comparable to monoclonal antibodies, that are used in the production and analysis of complex biological products such as biotherapeutic agents and vaccines. These reagents add value to existing products by providing simpler manufacturing methods and more definitive analytical methods. Phylos has successfully utilized PROfusion™ with peptide and low molecular weight scaffold proteins to identify binders that are promising reagents for improving the manufacturing process of complex vaccines.

Last Updated: 03-14-03

Key Statistics

Ownership: Private

Web Site: Phylos, Inc.
Employees: 82



Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  In April 1998, Phylos entered into a $27 million collaboration with Hoechst Research & Technology GmbH (now Aventis) to develop the Company's core PROfusion™ technology. Under the terms of the agreement, Aventis provides Phylos with research funding for a minimum of five years, in exchange for certain rights to the technology and specific products resulting from the collaboration.

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